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Bleu Lane

Kyle, TX [Rock & Roll, Blues, Classic Rock]

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  1. Black Moon Groove
  2. Breaking Us In Two
  3. Church Of Da Blues
  4. Everything I Want
  5. Just Livin' My Rock'n'Roll Life
  6. Losin' End
  7. Oh Baby
  8. One More Night
  9. Rock Me Drop Me
  10. Set Free
  11. We Live For Rock
  12. What Goes Around Comes Around
Bleu Lane came together out of Austin, Texas in 1999. Bleu recorded a demo in Atlanta in 2000 with session musicians including Steve Walsh of Kansas on Vocals & as co-producer. Bleu Lane recorded their rookie CD in 2002 at "The Train" in Nashville. The mastered CD done at Rodney Mills Master House was released in May of 2003. It is still finding new fans and listeners around the globe. The CD was cut in less than 36 hours total. The feel and power comes out in every song which were recorded in 1 take and any extra backing or lead vocals were done later.

Lane's keen production skills and mixing great Tommy Spurlock and the assistant engineer, Voitek Cohanhen, kept the session going at a very fast pace. All the pros like Ian Wallace and Jim "Moose" Brown did the songs without rehearsal or doing take after take to get each song down. Instead Lane just went with it and that is why the album sounds like you are standing in front of a stage listening to a live performance. Many groups spend endless hours refining each take and honing the mix for the perfect performance and sound. Lane made a choice to cut it live as if the musicians had showed up for a gig at a show, went on stage, and let it all hang out. It worked. Each song has a strong performance from each musician leaving the listener with that feeling the band is in the room playing live for them. Just in your face no holds Rock'n'Roll the way it should be done.

Lane was born in Asheville, North Carolina in 1950. His family moved to Wisconsin in the Spring of 1957. Lane went into the Marines in June of 1968. When he finished his tour of duty in the Marines in 1970 he was already in Jacksonville, Florida, hanging out on the West Side and in Jax Beach with the boys from Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackfoot, Allman Brothers (Dickey Betts' "Second Coming"), ARS, Grinderswitch, The Outlaws, Molly Hatchet and Derek & The Dominoes. After spending some time down in Miami Lane began to work as a lead guitarist in bands like: Peck's Bad Boys, Carolina, Renegade, Every Mother's Son, Servants Of Soul, Bad Influence, and 44 Magnum. Every experience building his feel, taste, and tone. As a sideman to many and recognized by a number of great artists Lane has maintained a laid back easy going lifestyle which led to his touring with numerous bands that he has seen so many miles of road that he is close to 10 million mile club.

Reforming Renegade in the early 1990's he began to pick up steam. However by mid decade all the hard work to get noticed had been lost to bad management, sleazy talent managers, talent agents, and those around him who kept him tied down in lawsuits after they stole his money. Fighting back nearly led to his demise but for a friend who pulled him away from the front lines to help him recover and heal. Resurfacing in July of 1999 in Austin his rep began to rise again. After numerous attempts to get anyone to listen in Nashville led Lane to sign with Southern Tracks Records and Lowery Publishing, a part of the Lowery Music Group in Atlanta, who had handled the publishing for so many great artists over the years. Lane however did find the studio to record his album with help from Country Rock Icon, Mark Collie, who introduced Lane to Tommy Spurlock. Mark Collie also introduced Lane to a number of folks in Nashville which led to many doors being opened for his music to create a buzz for Lane.

Interest of late made it possible for Bleu Lane to be rated number 2 on the charts at WHMB for the week ending 5/12/2007. A local college station Bleu Lane was discovered by a disc jockey there at WHMB while surfing on the site. Shortly thereafter a CD was sent to Cap'n Barney who debuted the entire CD on 5/7/2007 to the joy of listeners who where pleasantly surprised to bring about the CD receiving the ranking it did. Since then the Bleu Lane CD has jumped to number 1 all do to Cap'n Barney playing the CD and rating it at the site that he found the CD at. This has led the band to be featured on this site numerous times over the last few years as the featured artist of the day. Fans continue to find the band at this site from all over the world.

Over the last 4 years Lane has fought back from 2 Heart Attacks, a degenerative spinal bone and disc disease that had left him unable to walk, and Cancer in his prostate and throat. After 31 surgeries Lane has battled his medical problems to return to touring and hopefully recording his second CD during the Summer of 2008. A new touring group which like the group that went in to the studio in 2002 brings the music from his current CD to life and will be the band that records his new CD with most of the Nashville session group that still remains in Nashville this September except for the late Ian Wallace who died of Cancer in February of 2007. This band is even hotter than the session group, if that is possible, and has a number of younger musicians who are working in their first major band. In 2009 the band played more than 200 dates in the USA alone.

At a recent show in Dallas the band played on into the early morning hours until the club had to shut down as the audience applauded until the band returned for 3 encores playing for a total of 4 hours. Once done the exhausted band headed back to Austin to work on new material to work into the live set.

Lane has also recorded tracks from the rookie CD with several other artists who have been playing the tracks from the CD in their club gigs in and near Austin as well as jam nights at clubs on the famous 6th Street entertainment district. This music continues to uplift followers at various sites on the web including

I have had the privilege of writing up bio's for the band after seeing Lane play at the Chicago Blues Foundation Concerts in Grant Park over Memorial Day Weekend numerous times over the years past. I am a fan and a supporter of the current CD which has been out 11 years this last May (2013). It is still finding new fans everywhere it is found on the World Wide Web. Could it be the time for the success this artist so strongly deserves? Only you the fans who find the group here and at other sites will make it possible for Bleu Lane to find that kind of success.

So take your time and listen to each song from their CD. Give each song a rating and pass the word on to everyone else on this site and the others I have mentioned below. Let's make 2008 the year that brings Bleu Lane to the front lines of Rock'n'Roll and get them on stages around the world. You should keep your eye out in the deep South and the South West for shows in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Little Rock, Dallas & Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Baton Rouge, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Raleigh Durham, Greenville (NC), Asheville, Charlotte, Greenville/Spartanburg (SC), Macon, Jacksonville (Florida), Orlando, and Tampa for double bills with Bleu Lane as the sub headliner. The new album will include live cuts from these shows.

(Submitted by: Michelle Lane Thomassen)

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{}; for CDs: {] in Europe you can find CDs online at: [www.compactdixie/cd/bleulane].[/color]
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Fallen House
{ 02-02-2011 13:16 }
Must have a difibrillator built into a kick pedal pluggen yourself in has a whole new meaning. Its great to have friends cause when your hitten the high ones I can see them juicing you up, zizizizi 5s
The Randy Chesson Band
{ 12-03-2010 19:13 }
Great stuff Bleu. Rockin' It !!!
jessejean says:
{ 12-02-2009 07:32 }
Nice combination and nice viberation
{ 05-18-2009 17:39 }
Very well! Liked! The living sounding of musical instruments is Kind, good music! 5
Ron Ouellette
{ 02-17-2009 16:41 }
excellent music.
Sourmash Triplet
{ 12-24-2008 17:12 }
being a homegrown austin Boy Idig your groove!!! Check out (Texas Sand)it is wrote about the great guitarist out of austin!!!!rockin 5 from me!! SourmashMick
Air Echo Music
{ 08-04-2008 20:36 }
AhmyNewVideoStrange?OUmeanMyVideoshere? =yesHeHe,butNotDnew1 TheNew=BloodofJesus! =SharonCool music'svideo that I just finish 4 her! & Bless! (º.º) Love Peter
Kevin K. Gagnon
{ 07-15-2008 17:55 }
Great stuff!! Give u 5!!! Keep rockin' and keep in touch for sure!!
tanya lynn
{ 03-29-2008 20:23 }
hi really like your style the best 2 you
{ 03-28-2008 11:55 }
Thanks so much guys and keep on rockin' the way you do, wow! A fat funky 'cafe' from Rob & his LeFay-bass frolics, Belgium
hotskippa says:
{ 03-27-2008 19:59 }
like your music 5 vote peace out.clicka
Twilight says:
{ 02-25-2008 15:15 }
Super sound keep up five from twilight the Netherlands
R.A.D. says:
{ 02-19-2008 17:04 }
Bluesy riffs, Raw voice... Love it!!! Big 5 from me!!
JammyBen says:
{ 02-06-2008 13:45 }
I sure do like the flow of your music. Slick first class work. I've rated you a well deserved 5. Keep on doing your thing. Respect
The Council
{ 01-30-2008 20:40 }
Mighty impressed ,some very strong and tight work up and down the spectrum ,best to you all big fives/chazz
{ 12-26-2007 00:44 }
Doug Hallock
{ 12-23-2007 09:55 }
Black Moon Grove is a great song! Love the piano on this one. Very nice production and engineering on your stuff - love your music! Blessings - Doug
Rick Rock
Rick Rock says:
{ 12-17-2007 11:35 }
WOW! Hot Nasty & Kickin'...really like your groove...keep'on rockin'! 5 rating!
{ 12-07-2007 23:09 }
Pytaro says:
{ 12-05-2007 21:10 }
Well that is tasty driving music, very good guitars and vocal and I specially love the B3 sound. 5 from me come and visit.
T.Mac. says:
{ 12-01-2007 06:05 }
Excellent sounding tracks, well produced and played superbly, good luck to you guy`s, 5. T.Mac.
Leo D
Leo D says:
{ 11-28-2007 00:15 }
Powerful sound. I am impressed you went through all you did and cane out this side playing with your head high. Love it! 5 all the way around~
Jozua K.
Jozua K. says:
{ 11-04-2007 16:40 }
Heya BLEU LANE! You got here a real good ROCKIN BLUES sound Sticking out your music parade. You sounds superdynamics! You got my vote! Rate (5). My fav: "YOU ROCK smooth". Great Job. Keep them ROCK and look at the Backs, I think you like it??? Cheers..
MF Foster
MF Foster says:
{ 10-25-2007 19:08 }
Your are so speakin' my language Bleu Lane! These are some of the best blues cuts I'v heard in a long while-Loved 'Church of de Blues'-just excelent-from an old blues man-5-MF Foster
{ 10-21-2007 12:27 }
im feeling the music on your page. all the luck 2 u. gave u a 5. hit me back and return the luv.
live says:
{ 10-19-2007 22:32 }
Gave you a 5. One Love, Kiri
No says:
{ 10-18-2007 15:52 }
that was dirty... hope I can come and shred with ya'll one day!... cheers
{ 10-18-2007 15:46 }
Great Sound guys,give you a 5 all day!!! seeya,billcarter
{ 10-18-2007 15:46 }
Great Sound guys,give you a 5 all day!!! seeya,billcarter
Doug Hudson
{ 10-13-2007 21:50 }
Thanks for the comment... Enjoyed ur music ;-) ~Doug Hudson~
Malissia says:
{ 10-10-2007 04:26 }
Oh yeah... 5 from me... had to stop back by and listen! Fun & puts a smile on my face woo hoo! xxMia
{ 10-08-2007 22:19 }
I love the music!The guitar and piano in the first song was awesome!I voted for you too!Have a great day! ~Briana-Mariaah~
Wendy Risoli
{ 10-08-2007 11:09 }
Sweet. Wendy Risoli
Air Echo Music
{ 10-04-2007 20:56 }
Yeah all right!!!!! So Happy to listening to your songs!!! Thanks for visiting my friend. How are U?! Wish you all the best man! Bless! (º.º) Peter
Hearts of Steele
{ 09-29-2007 20:12 }
We liked your sound we hope you go far.
DRIVEN says:
{ 09-09-2007 12:37 }
That was hot , It should be a song .Any way thanks alot its a hard road out here,Just hoping for that chance all 555555,s
Snap / Hog Life ent.
{ 09-08-2007 14:18 }
sup stoppin through showin som luv wit a high 5 holla bac
Joe wazzup
{ 09-05-2007 22:24 }
WOW. A five from the Yukon!
Guitar Travels - A Musical Journey
{ 09-05-2007 14:27 }
Thanks for the great comments! Like what you are all doing! Gave ya all 5's...Great arrangements. And, that's an awesome array of guitars..! Best wishes for every success. Regards from Charlotte, NC. Walt
Whiteboy Slim
{ 07-14-2007 14:24 }
I love that Texas Blues Sound. You really do the thing.
"The Bluesdog"
{ 07-12-2007 21:37 }
Good Blues acts are hard to find. Groups like your's Keep Blues alive and is the foundation of Rock & Roll. Checkout my site Maybe we can work together in the future. A well deserved 5. Check my Showcase and comment. Bluesdog
Air Echo Music
{ 07-09-2007 12:46 }
Yours stuffs good to listen, keep in touch! Thanks for ur support! Peter
Air Echo Music
{ 07-07-2007 12:57 }
Hey Man! Heavy rock --- Impressive!! Good musical arrangement!! Good vocal!! V5A!! Peter
Twilight says:
{ 07-06-2007 02:00 }
Good music, we have the same spirit, keep on rocking
Shortcut 2 Freedom
{ 07-05-2007 23:48 }
Good Job man! You rock. keep it up!
Rick Rock
Rick Rock says:
{ 07-05-2007 16:18 }
Very nice material! I love the GROOVE in the songs, especially in Everyting You Want. 5 rating...Best of Everything to you! Peace...rrock.
Ronnie Lane and the Twisters
{ 07-04-2007 22:17 }
Amen Brother..From One Lane to Another Keep On Rockin' - I got family ties in North Carolina are we related..?? - Great Guitar Playing & Vocals...Keep it Up..!
Gareth Newman  & Janet English
{ 07-03-2007 08:09 }
Gave you a #5 just for the bio,Loved your sound and blues jamming songs.we write country but enjoyed your music, keep it coming-Congrats!!! Janet "SYM" fan- jaefitness
Robert Stefan
{ 07-02-2007 19:53 }
Great band I would love to see ya live !Great playing and vibe.Please visit me and leave a comment,all the best ,Robert
Kevin K. Gagnon
{ 07-01-2007 11:18 }
Really cool stuff!! I live by the 1 take rule, too, and it works!! Gave u 5!!!!
George Gallacher
{ 06-30-2007 05:09 }
You guys are very good,keep rocking
Chains Of Jude
{ 06-29-2007 21:08 }
{ 06-28-2007 10:47 }
Nice music. I love the music very much , I will give my attention to your music all the times. Juliana Please visit my sites:
{ 06-27-2007 19:50 }
really diggin the tunes guys, big 5, keep it up.... check me out.
Ghost Black
{ 06-26-2007 10:17 }
i'm your 9th vote. man you rock with that guitar, i love the strong lyric's and strong voice, you have so much soul in you. you get a great big 5 from me. i can see you tearing the rock chart's up, awesome. peace
Justus Prevails
{ 06-25-2007 21:50 }
First let me offer my support and admiration to Lane for his courage and jest for life. Keep on rocking Lane! Love you. A lot of great music comes from your neck of the woods... you guys are testiment to that!! Yahoo!!!!! 5 up!
Mr. My City
{ 06-25-2007 18:09 }
Just droppin off some support! Your music soundz good, keep at it! I gave you a 5, keep getting them! Please rate my showcase.
Edward Luna
{ 06-25-2007 13:58 }
A breath of some "Good ol Blues" yeah that's what I'm talkin bout! Great guitars and vocals. A big 5 for you.... Drop me a line tell me what you think? Best Wishes from the West.
Jimi Staggs
{ 06-19-2007 00:49 }
Good Stuff!!!
Nissim says:
{ 05-31-2007 09:06 } groove...feel like the good life keep going...
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 05-30-2007 13:46 }
Feelin your style, very clever and intelligent and very RARE in musik today, keep at it, 5 ALL DAY LONG for originality, REturn the opinion and vote, it matterz to us, GOD BLESS
TwoCan says:
{ 05-22-2007 11:31 }
Are you sure you guy's aint from Daytona Beach? Greg and Duane would be proud! Good stuff guy's! Love those high energy blues!!
Pytaro says:
{ 05-18-2007 12:39 }
great band, love the blues and guitars. 5 for you come and visit
Double Shot
{ 05-15-2007 13:08 }
I like Rock Me Drop Me....but they all sound great, or do you say in Texas The'll sound great
Mineset says:
{ 05-15-2007 00:34 }
its hot keep up the go work
Fritz says:
{ 05-14-2007 20:02 }
Digging your Blues, Way Cool! Fritz
LUKas says:
{ 05-14-2007 17:41 }
good sounds... I like it ! my kind of music !!!
DANNA says:
{ 05-14-2007 17:03 }
Philadelphia Best OG
{ 05-14-2007 16:14 }
real got my 5