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DES MOINES, IA [Rap, HipHop, Underground]

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mental Invasion
{ 09-02-2012 09:13 }
5 bro bumpin ass music bass hard stay on the grind wit it check me out and hit up my website
Young says:
{ 01-07-2009 19:29 }
feeling your shit my nigga keep it up 5's all day CHECK ME OUT AT and am open for features to holla at me!!
Bunker Records
{ 01-05-2009 15:00 }
Love the sound! Great music! 5's all day RESPECT!Happy New Year!!!
Da Machanics
{ 01-04-2009 14:27 }
Your first vote is a 5 from us, check us out sometime and vote if you can...thanks
Huhu says:
{ 01-04-2009 00:02 }
Yo just stoppin by to say that your music is tight, so keep up the good work and yea of course we had to drop a 5 for ya. Check us out to and if you like it than leave a comment alight much love peace.
Stephen Wang ( Neef-T) & Nu-Breed Music Inc!!!
welcome to sym!!!