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San Diego, CA [HipHop]

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Hostile Takeover single on Graveyard Recordings/Island Def Jam Digital Distribution
  1. Hostile Takeover
  2. A Pair Of Srcubs, 3 Stripes, a MIC and 2 Tables
  3. My Hearse
  4. Womb Of That Woman

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HOSTILE TAKEOVER album risin'from tha grave soon. Summer 2011

Hostile Takeover single is out and receiving heavy airplay on JANGO INTERNET RADIO.

HOSTILE TAKEOVER on Graveyard Recordings/Island Def Jam Digital


Graveyard Recordings was founded on April 6, 1999 by Russell A. Pryor Sr. His heart and soul in starting his own label, was for the purpose of marketing good music in this competitive industry.

His background in music has span from the late 70's as the youngest drummer of many bands, to his era of the early and late 80's as a rap artist. Russell's determination and perserverance in the 90's continued to grow stronger, even until now in this new millennium for good music.

Graveyard Recordings specializes in hip-hop music at its fulliest. It also welcomes the love of R&B in its camp. Music being the love, light, peace and joy of the world ,which also in terms means, "sooths the savage beast" ,will continue this term in giving the consumers the best music we possibly can present to them.

Besides being in the music business since age 5, he has been in the funeral industry since age 12. His business smarts as a mortician walks hand in hand with the music business, in terms of dealing with families, to giving the public good quality service and dealing with contracts.

He is a Cypress College of Mortuary Science graduate, Class of 1994. Music is his life. Graveyard Recordings has always been a dream for him. As well as being the C.E.O. of this independent rap label, he is one of the artists on it. Russell Pryor Sr, p.k.a. D-KOMPOSE.

As a small label which works hard for its artist, you can expect this veteran in hip hop entrepreneur to take Graveyard Recordings into a whole new level of music!
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{ 08-12-2012 15:26 }
Tracks hott
{ 12-07-2009 19:54 }
New Tracks My Dude
{ 12-07-2009 19:54 }
New Tracks My Dude
{ 12-07-2009 19:54 }
New Tracks My Dude
{ 03-15-2009 13:11 }
Just stopping thru checking it out.. 5 pennies from me all day fam. Of course. Remedy - Im in your atmosphere....
DJ Louwis
DJ Louwis says:
{ 01-12-2009 14:30 }
womd of that woman for real, cos that is what i would do. i love that. 555 pal. come check me out cos u might want what i got.