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The Annelidas

des moines, IA [Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Soundtrack]

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YOU WILL NOT BE BORED!![/color] from psychedelic jazz to drums at the zoo... from movie soundtracks to dirty southern blues... from epic rock to experimental electronica... find it ALL here at the showcase of Annelida Reaction, Dangerous Limits, Black Currant, and our other names...

"When we go back and hear recordings of our jam sessions, it is like a song we have never heard before - we don't even remember what we played because it was not planned. This is the beauty that we have found in improvised music..."

(it is still sometimes quite fun to play songs we know rather than improv EVERYthing - we are up for taking requests also)

Annalida Reaction is our current project with its own showcase run by my partner in crime, Igor Dimitrienko. We go by many names, because ultimately it is not our NAME that will set us apart.

We experiment with many styles of music, however most is an improvised version of each style - please listen and comment with what you like and/or what you don't like . . .

Thus far we have played our music with what we can afford. Our current setup and gear is not impressive in itself, but our idea is to transcend the limits of our instruments...

We will soon be ready to begin traveling for live performances, as well as connect with a studio to record our debut album, which we're almost done writing.

Remember as you listen, most of this music is experimental - if its on this site, it means it has qualities that we enjoy. When we play, we let ourselves go and let our bodies take over.

Keep visiting back, we change media almost daily!
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The Cream People
{ 10-21-2010 15:34 }
Love your set - and love the improv ethos that is shared by our band The Cream People. We are total improv and freakin love it! We should get together sometime - we're only 6,000 miles apart. Killer stuff.
The Shape
The Shape says:
{ 04-22-2010 03:36 }
Fair doos! Untouchable Blues Is amazing! I wanna buy your tunes so I can stick em on when I go camping and dance around the fire like a loon! 5 no question
Kemar British aka Dureck
{ 02-04-2008 16:49 }
Keep up the good music, keep it popping and you will keep them coming. Take this 5 and God bless. check my site out and vote for me
JammyBen says:
{ 01-30-2008 13:48 }
Excellent music. Your sounds are flowing nicely up in here. Much respect ... Keep on doing your thing ... I've rated you a 5.
Solarium says:
{ 01-29-2008 16:37 }
definit 5 awesome sounds
Tim Hall
Tim Hall says:
{ 01-24-2008 13:33 }
sorry to keep commenting but i need a cd of u guys next time i trip i want to listen to ur music send me some mp3's please ill spread the word of guys send 5.a.s.e.
Tim Hall
Tim Hall says:
{ 01-24-2008 13:28 }
holy shit dude i felt like i was tripping balls listening to 5 .a.s.e. wholly shit what the fuck i was bobbing up n down i think that kicked last weeks dose again
Tim Hall
Tim Hall says:
{ 01-24-2008 13:22 }
hahah i was listening to watchtower by u guys it was good up untill that broken as whisteling solo at the end haha oh man that guy cant whistel at all trying to whistel rhythm oh shit that was funny
Tim Hall
Tim Hall says:
{ 01-24-2008 13:15 }
had to comment again u guys kick ass love the piano n guitar n the drums go perfect i like how the drummer doesnt try n steal the show lots of fills n stuff u guys got a good good sound
Tim Hall
Tim Hall says:
{ 01-24-2008 13:11 }
good music i like dont ever change ur style its so hard to find good physcadelic rock now days everything has turnd to techno n beats anyway keep up the good work u got my 5
Busey says:
{ 01-12-2008 10:12 }
Days of Grace
{ 01-02-2008 19:56 }
A melting pot of wondrous sounds, Magical music... Thanks... Keep it commin' 5 isn't high enough. would love to rate you higher, but 5 it will have to be... Keep the faith........
Ghost Black
{ 12-04-2007 17:05 }
great job man, the songs are incredible. stay super cool. peace
{ 11-21-2007 03:27 }
u got a 5 from me,come check out the new music
No says:
{ 10-23-2007 14:02 }
yes I am off
No says:
{ 10-22-2007 15:42 }
I am closing tonite :(
No says:
{ 10-18-2007 16:32 }
nothin`... left my lawyer a message... I am ready to jam though
No says:
{ 10-08-2007 14:19 }
You just get done shoppin? and is this how you call back??? great
{ 09-21-2007 01:08 }
Third Shift Poetry
{ 09-19-2007 13:21 }
Hey! Tripnotique!!! Thanks 4 the love!! Rock on!
Jimenez Almaraz
{ 09-17-2007 11:02 }
Wow!!! what a fantasatic music!!!! I cannot believe it. Thanks for make this kind of work.
Blind Man
{ 09-15-2007 23:15 }
Hot! Hot! Hot!! We gave you a 5 and your music sounds great!!!
No says:
{ 09-14-2007 03:31 }
USC is #5!!! NCCA Football daily college update! cheers!!
{ 09-12-2007 07:43 }
damn datz hott keep it up check da r.g. page and rate if u like
Juanita Faas
{ 08-31-2007 16:14 }
Hi, your music sounds rooted in the early 70's. Nice to listen too, makes you think/remember. Keep at it.
Ron Wess MusaQ! ElectroniQ MUSAQ!
{ 08-31-2007 08:26 }
thanks for checkin me out,you got good tracks as well...been gone for awhile but I'm back.I got new track posted!If I haven't welcomed you...Welcome to SYM!...always a 5!PEACELOVE&GODBLESS! RONWESS!
Robodop Snei
{ 08-19-2007 16:31 }
YEAH! Thats sparks awesome here...bring on the rainbow diamonds, she comes in colors....may i give you your 5 back? Thanks for listening in - you will now find a lot of new material on the site, so come by sometime :) Cheers & all the best!
Ry Anderson
{ 08-19-2007 13:00 }
Hey there! Skillful guitar work. Well done! Thanks for visiting mine, by the way. Ry.
Ossie Dellimore
{ 08-17-2007 19:27 }
Thanks for the comment my friend. I am looking for promotions. Can you point me in the right direction? I am doing it all on my own, so any tips would be great. One Love.
Dr. Dro 2008
{ 08-17-2007 18:33 }
good music
Reiver says:
{ 08-16-2007 15:32 }
Cooll!! Awesomely Different!!! U get 5!!!! Come and Check us out!!! Steve
{ 08-15-2007 03:53 }
Psychedelic man! Sweet!I love it,Rock-on!!
poopie doopie
{ 08-15-2007 01:51 }
Great Sound. I like it got a 5 from me.
choir says:
{ 08-14-2007 22:07 }
Thanks for remaining interested, student life gets in the way. Stay tuned it wont be too much longer and keep doing what you are doing too its really interesting. Cheers Yvette.
Kevin K. Gagnon
{ 08-14-2007 18:33 }
Good experimentally expressive stuff!! 5-4-u! I'm into it!
Jess Miller
{ 08-14-2007 15:07 }
nice !! glad to find you, like me you are diverse and like experimentalism in yer tunes, check me out, keep on keepin' on! jx
{ 08-13-2007 17:55 }
Thanks, Your music is great. Please remember me when your famous.
Lineament says:
{ 08-13-2007 16:42 }
You are very talented. Great music, interesting and diverse, really 5 stars! And thank you for the comment, i'm writing something but i improvise often, you're right. Peace... Lineament
choir says:
{ 08-12-2007 21:40 }
Wow, 5, thanks for your comments and you can jam to my songs anytime. Yvette
just my demos
{ 08-12-2007 19:30 }
hey , smooth sounds my friend!! i could just chill to this for hours ;) glad i could get to hear your stuff and to your ? yes i do play piano. geoff
{ 08-12-2007 18:09 }
yes i ! the nearly lost art of jammin. in these days of pop and programming it's great to hear people jus lettin lose !
Violet Amber
{ 08-12-2007 15:46 }
Wicked creative! Great playing and writing with some refreshing sound textures worked in. 5 for sure.
Smooth Woody Band
{ 08-12-2007 14:22 }
Really really cool a favorite of mine...the guys are not that familiar with have a gift...keep it up...takes me to a place I've traveled never be the same...rod SWB
Joseph Luckinbill
{ 08-12-2007 14:01 }
It's awesome to see someone rocking the free jams up here! I love improv jams and would rather "just jam" most of the time. I admire your truthfull music. It sounds rad also. Keep it up Joe
Lisette Vares
{ 08-12-2007 11:48 }
Really cool tracks!! Me like! And thank u for your comment:) Yours sincerely/ Lisette
Catfish Cheese
{ 08-12-2007 11:13 }
MAN! this is awesomely wild music,killer guitar!!!All CATFISH CHEESE music is FREE at!!!!
The HeathFunk Experiment
{ 08-11-2007 17:27 }
Killer sound, guitars are out of this world!!
alliance PRESTIGE
{ 08-11-2007 10:22 }
Thanks for your Comment! Your music is great! Nice to meet you! The Leader of alliance PRESTIGE.
{ 08-11-2007 09:46 }
Hey your sound is amazing, I just had a listenin. Cheers for your comment= FREEZETHESUN
Jim O
{ 08-11-2007 04:49 }
Great sound, you've a lot going on and it's all good. As far as I'm concerned you have your sound nailed. A definite 5.
Boogie Van
{ 08-11-2007 00:11 }
Hey guys, Loved it. Had traces of Nine inch nails, Portished with some blues element as well... I really liked it! 5's all day! Oh ya and thanks for your comment. Driving tunes ARE great!!
Dragan Petrovic
{ 08-10-2007 18:19 }
Thank you for your kind words... keep doing , what you doing sounds great to's different and fresh approach to music. best regards Dragan Dragan
VoxLirica says:
{ 08-10-2007 17:09 }
How wonderful that such music comes out of your spontaneous hearts and minds without having any need to study your scores:-) Well done!! Excellent improvisors and with cool results too! 5 from Me!! Charmaine with love from Malta :-)
Third Shift Poetry
{ 08-10-2007 15:59 }
Thanks!!!I think we'd get along just fine.5 from me!!-Slate,Counterfeit Emotion.
Alexandra says:
{ 08-10-2007 10:35 }
I am very impressed by your music too. Do you experiment with classic opera music 5 from me.
AirKraft says:
{ 08-03-2007 21:10 }
Very different sounds and flavours. Quite enjoyed the tracks. Cheers to a 5......
{ 07-31-2007 11:08 }
hey thanx for the great comments you left on our page, thats some really cool stuff your writing also... has that new pink floyd sound to it... keep it up
Spaghetti Logic
{ 07-31-2007 02:46 }
hey guys thanx alot for the comments really appreciated it, im liking the guitars in the music i think i listened to the first four songs and enjoyed it, great diversity do i hear some old punk influences?? grtz sl
{ 07-30-2007 19:13 }
giving you 5 all day long for the energy and massive amount of output. cool stuff - rock on !!
Tony "Stickman" Wyatt
{ 07-30-2007 17:01 }
Thanks for the comments Dangerous Limits. You Guys Rock!!! It feels like the 60's and that was a very down to earth musical time. Much Success! You get 5's
soular plexus
{ 07-29-2007 18:39 }
wow !! absolutely haunting and the going great guns !! keep it up..A 5 for u...And thanks for your comments.
Randy Curtis
{ 07-29-2007 00:20 }
Im lovin the sounds of self exploration I have tendacy for doing the same.Any way great job on everything.I'll keep comeing back to listen to ya cause I dig the grooves.Givin Ya the high 5 Randy Curtis
3days says:
{ 07-28-2007 21:22 }
Im not sure I really understood your comment about my music .. But I really enjoyed yours keep palying those sounds man "Lovin it"
Ron Wess MusaQ! ElectroniQ MUSAQ!
{ 07-28-2007 15:39 }
hey thank you for the support and feed back I appreciate that from someone who knows and appreciates all forms of music....unfortunately I'm at work so ill be back to check you out...PEACELOVE&GODBLESS! RON WESS
Dominik Pietraszko
{ 07-27-2007 12:59 }
Thank you for your comment. Your music is the music of the future. 5! d.p.
no name
no name says:
{ 07-27-2007 07:25 }
One of the few psybands here. Keep up the work.
J-qUiS says:
{ 07-26-2007 23:28 }
You gotta 5 from me.
ayewrite says:
{ 07-26-2007 18:25 }
very good music on here ...quality stuff i liked it a lot....
Gareth Newman  & Janet English
{ 07-26-2007 18:25 }
BIG 5zzzss my love the pics and music very creative.We write Country but really enjoyed what you do."SYM" jaefitness Fan! You have our vote and support.
Dangerous Age
{ 07-26-2007 17:33 }
great work and sounds 5 all the way
postalteacher says:
{ 07-26-2007 17:29 }
great songs and love that sound 5 for you
Mr. My City
{ 07-26-2007 16:11 }
Droppin back thru wit dat real support, U know you already got my 5, keep gettin em'!
Chris Sebby
{ 07-26-2007 04:33 }
very different and unique 5 is jive
The Noah K. Band
{ 07-26-2007 01:46 }
WILD,Very Entertaining,Never A Dull Moment,Rock On ! Blessed Be,Noah K.
Luciano says:
{ 07-25-2007 19:21 }
So far only listened 2 your first 2 tunes but they're wacko, I'm interested. That second one is great, reminds me of Tom Waits/Nick Cave, I'll be listening more soon....Trip out, Luciano
Luciano says:
{ 07-25-2007 19:21 }
Thanks for the comment, surrealism has always inspired me. Dali, Bob Dylan, Chaplin, the Marx Borthers, legends.
DJ Huge Eug
{ 07-25-2007 05:03 }
by far some of the most creative tracks out there, no lie. 5s from me for sure. thanks for the comment btw!
Wicked Keyz
{ 07-25-2007 02:40 }
Thanks very much for your comments. I still have a long way to go but i'm learning day by day. 5 for you all day like i said before. It's music like yours that inspire me to be more creative.
smicki says:
{ 07-25-2007 02:05 }
you are very talented and just a little bit trippy but i like it.
slippery when wet
{ 07-24-2007 16:18 }
Thank you Andrew...You have some great tunes too for a 5'er and also like the artwork... XOXO Linda
Dying baby mucas
{ 07-24-2007 15:39 }
Thanks for your comments and vote :) i like your music, some very definate moods and variation in there Your artwork is beautiful!
Darlene Miller
{ 07-24-2007 14:57 }
Nice tracks. Jazz Inn had more structure and was easier to follow for me, spirit solo had great guitar works, perfect weather was very sensitive and I enjoyed it. Keep creating. Darlene
Lumena says:
{ 07-24-2007 13:28 }
Thanks for the comment. You have some great stuff here! I love the guitar!!
Smallest Bundle of Light
{ 07-24-2007 11:39 }
Cool, trippy sounds... I really like desert stalker. Cheers!
eeee eeeeeeeee
{ 07-23-2007 20:37 }
THX for the kind words Andrew. You have put a lot of effort into your music. You have a keen sense for music and it's structure. Very nice tracks. Great talent. 5 vote 4 u ...Peace ...Neal
Kevin K. Gagnon
{ 07-21-2007 16:19 }
Thank you for your comments! Enjoyed listening to your eclectic blend as well! VERY tastefully done You get 5-4-sure from me!!!
{ 07-21-2007 14:26 }
Good job.
{ 07-21-2007 14:24 }
cool stuff. nice work! (* * * * * 5 4 u). Hope u check out the sci fi, music, and poetry on my blog. thanks! Maybe we can link and cross reference. just leave a comment there if you would like me to add u on my blog. Great pictures! I like it.
No says:
{ 07-21-2007 06:26 }
Nice for you to make your own... Mr. Andrew .. Here we go .... > Lost Puppet
Air Echo Music
{ 07-20-2007 21:50 }
Very tight music! I support you for your no lyrics, for all nations, no communication blocks! & very artistic picture you have! These Great Sounds deserve 5A from me! (('.')) Bless! Peter
Mr. My City
{ 07-20-2007 21:33 }
Welcome! Sounds good 2 me! I wish you nothing but success in your journey to stardom! I give u a 5, keep getting them! Please rate my showcase