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Trell-Ville/Dem Burg Boyz

CHARLOTTE, NC [HipHop, Pop, Rap]

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Still Got it
Been rapping off and on since 9th grade.It's a passion that i have since singing in middle just another average nigga tryin to come up.i got my first break in tenth grade wit broken chain records.that didnt last long due to money issues.i then got another break with limewire entertainment from new york.i never gave up passion so i kept hustling and did my own thing and got connected with hillroad boys out maryland...big ups to my nigga stitch thats holdin me down and mah nigga frost,my nigga belly,to my shawty jackie,mom dukes ms. fawn,my lil nigga tank i aint forget you,my niggas from the SPC-4-lyfe crew,mo cheese vo and bo,my nigga jr, and the rest of the fam from im down in the south,my home state, and im the CEO for the upcoming BurgBoyz records that im tryin to get two groups under me-flawless and jelite ent...big ups to young scrappa do ya thang.been with the group for a year and got two albulms.the first album-myself: mr. 803-the beast from the south. Second album from the group flawless called king david:the album-hot shit..will hit the block this summer '08...for my dirty south fam big ups to tek-12,full deck, my nigga south kidd aka king david..i love ya man,my nigga erupt,my four strong niggas-dem burg boyz,shout-out to ruku$,my nigga king dreads, and my young nigga sista princess tate, and to the rest of tha fam yall not forgotten.make sure you check out the album on for everyone else in the industry or thats tryin to make a come up, dont get discourage just do ya thang and stay focused. ya boi trell-ville i want to give a very special shout-out to my real niggaz that been holdin it down on that marlboro pike street...c.h.a.o.s-my nigga infa red,ghostface, mo betta,my nigga g,my nigga champ,my dog ray- that means Cash,Hoes,And,Other Shit aka topp dogg from ya boy lil psycho...stay true blue.
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Big C/Guttabilt
{ 05-23-2008 10:30 }
{ 04-20-2008 15:04 }
Nice music, I want to invite you to the On Da Grind Magazines unsigned music summit & awards show here in Jax-Fl May 30-31. Submit you music to be nominated @ Visit for more info.
JammyBen says:
{ 12-31-2007 07:01 }
That's some real good music you got flowing there ... Keep up the tight work ... Top rating ... Respect
ICEDUB says:
{ 12-20-2007 01:13 }
great work. keep it pushin big sho. so dont ever stop and ill see u at the top..
DJ Wheelz
DJ Wheelz says:
{ 12-02-2007 07:43 }
Yo fam, you gots heat. Peace!
{ 12-02-2007 07:11 }
Excellent songwriting, playing, and singing.Arrangements are very nice and clean production. hi 5 for you. When you have the chance, please check out my showcase! Thank You So Much. Juliana
Shay a.k.a BabyFace(VOTE!!!!!)
{ 11-23-2007 17:52 }
wassup im feelin your trackz good job keep doing your thing i give you a 5 fa sho
j gutta az henchman
{ 11-23-2007 15:51 }
shit hot mane phat 5 from me come check me out az finest show some love back az finest check out talent show click on picture read bio much love
Beautiful07 says:
{ 11-18-2007 13:06 }
I love the music holla at me if you know who this is
{ 06-29-2007 21:13 }
Holla at your boy, Nugga!!!!!