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Hampton, VA [HipHop, R&B, Pop]

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  1. Starting Fire's By Drumz
  2. Take a Ride Produced by Drumz
  3. You got me going Produced by Drumz
Drumz is a very hard working producer from Virginia beach. He grew up making beats with his brother Sight...Drumman started at the tender age of 12 making beats and then he began middle school where he joined the band playing the auto sax and learn to play drums from his brother Sight.
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David Kelly Music
{ 10-29-2015 13:04 }
Very Very Cool. Peace, Love & Music always and Forever
Allery says:
{ 08-08-2015 20:10 }
talk about never being able to reach anyone here/ please go listen to my boy RECACHELLO/ best R&B/ give him 10 all day