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Dietmar Langhammer

Geretsried [Easy Listening, World, Soundtrack]

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Many items he learned, but most of them in a natural way, by having emotions, and intuitions.
Painting, playing piano, designing graphics, writing.
More to see at: (mostly in German language, (the paintings)
Playing piano is an ability, who he do not know exactly why he is able to play such songs...
Sitting at the piano, closing his eyes and playing....
Never learned it.
Saw the film Oceanpianist...
wouldn´t say i am as good as the star was in the film, but the film describes mostly how he is able to play piano, like this star he describes his thoughts, feelings and emotions whitin his music

I do not share my music because of the money,
i would like as much as possible human on earth to hear my music...
I think they need this music...
As i am a Taxidriver, i give the customers my music as a gift...
This music is all over the world, and the like it.
Young, old, business, truckdriver, drunken ones, artists, social fallen ones, ill and psychics, children,
many people who did not believe about having a soul, who did not like to show feelings at all...
And so i saw the magic of my music and now i believe in giving my music to the world..
It makes me happy, if my music makes someone happy, or silent, or makes them feel...
Sometimes tears came out, not because of sadness, but they forget, for the time, my music is playing,
their problems, or make them thinking in another way about their probs...
Maybe there is one in me who give them this music, because i never learned it, neve do practise,
i do not know notes, and have no piano.
I always play at a pianostore in Munich, Steinway, where i can rent the practise room for one or two hours..
This year i played till now 4 times piano.
Last year, let me think, i played 6 times.
When i hear my music, i do not believe that i have done it.
Sorry, because of so many words, but they have to come out, i always think to be missunderstood.
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Seija says:
{ 07-06-2010 18:05 }
You have a nice showcase, and you're multi-talented, which is really awesome! Keep making your lovely music, it'll touch the hearts of everyone. -DJseija from Portugal
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 10-20-2009 13:53 }
Hello & Welcome! Wow! You got so much talent and in so many areas! God really gave a lot of Jesus's Gifts to you and you sure Make them all Shine too! You are an inspiration to The World and I salute You: being so good all those who love Your Works! V-5
{ 10-19-2009 17:14 }
No words can describe your excellent piano mastership. Deep respect and vote 5 from us.
Tha Professa *Alwayz 100*
{ 10-19-2009 16:44 }
Nicely Done!! Welcome 2 Showcase. Vote #2 is a 5 from me, check me out sometime if u get the chance.