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Baton rouge, LA [HipHop, Rap, R&B]

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  1. Go with me
  2. Laws of Movement
  3. Let the Bass Kick
D'vision is a young inspiring emcee from baton rouge, LA. Born June 17, 1991 government name Daren L. Moore. Music first inspired D'vision at the age of 9 hearing his friends and family take on the music industry sparked a light in D'vision life and he found hiself in love with hiphop.
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Magadino The Chemist
{ 08-01-2012 14:46 }
shits hard bro... check out my shit and tell me what u think... 555555
{ 07-07-2012 11:34 } hot! U sound like dat Maybach music on #1 wit a twist of old school. 5. show me some love
ty says:
{ 05-03-2012 12:18 }
nice but can u listen to my music n comment
organised confusion
{ 04-22-2012 20:01 }
Hey man check out my new single it on my page now its not mastered yet but u get the idea holla
Trevor James
{ 04-21-2012 13:37 }
excellent showcase - very commercial sound - wishing you all the success for the future - big 5 from me.
mental Invasion
{ 04-19-2012 12:51 }
5 LAWS OF MOVEMENT keep killin that shit my g
organised confusion
{ 04-18-2012 10:50 }
Keep pushin playa once you get your view count into the 1000's people start to notice 5's playa return the love holla ADD ME ON FACEBOOK AND GAIN MORE FANS
{ 04-17-2012 22:56 }
{ 04-17-2012 22:53 }
That's The Business fam, I see ya slayin' the hip-hop angle hahh they say we don't talk bout nothing or have a conscience with this music shit we put our heart into. Mane keep it comin' if i can help ya out with music just get at me...5's all day fam BBSR
"BIZZOP" says:
{ 04-17-2012 17:03 }
Got my vote cross da board playa...welcome 2 da T.R.U.T.H MOVEMENT! ~ FAITH