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Freight Train Todd Haugen

Mandan, ND [Country, Blue Grass, Vocalist]

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Hi My Name is Freight Train Todd Haugen I'm a Country Singer/Songwriter My Song Dear Mr. President I Wrote during 9/11 And I Love To Entertain I Started Singing at age 4 Been singing and Performing 39 Years Songs I've Written Dear Mr. President, I Give My Heart To Jesus, Spent More Time With You, We Were Meant To Be Together, all 4 Songs written by Freight Train Todd Haugen Little More about Me............ I always Dreamed one Day I'd Be On The Grand Ol' Opry In Nashville Tennesse Since I Was 4, My Dad Played Music and I Watch Him sing and Play Guitar Dad Took The Time To Teach Me The Chords on Guitar and a Long Song I Learned It Then My Dad New I Wanted To Play Music. Then My Dad And Mom Bought Me A Hawiian Guitar On My 5th Birthday. then By The Time I was Between 5 and 6 and Listening and Watching Hee Haw, Grand Ol' Opry and See all The Legends Perform I Thought Man Thats What I Want To Do Be a Star But The Music Has Changed It's Not Classic Country Music On Radio as Much as I Hate To Say It So Maybe One Day Soon They'll Bring It Back On Radio and The Classic Country Legends Won't Be Forgotten. When I Was Eight I Started The Train Whistle What You Hear On This Player Is What I will always Do God Bless All Who Listen To My Music Sincerely Freight Train Todd Haugen I Have A New Song That I Wrote and Recorded For All You Bingo Players This Ones For You It's Called Bingo Star Junkie (C) 2007 Give a Listen On You Tube. I Wrote a new song Called (Bible In My Hand) a True Story Song about My Wife With Cancer It's Called Multiple Myloma Thank You I Want To Say I Love You Dad And Mom God Bless Your Son Sincerely Freight Train Todd Haugen (c) 2008, And Love My Wife And My Three Sons Layne Dylon Quincy And My Three Sisters Kathy,CJ Wanda And Can't Forget All My Fan's Thank You For Coming Out To My Live Shows And Always Watching My TV Episodes, And Thanks To The TV Stations For Always Playing My Episodes And Thank The Dear Lord For Giving Me The Gift To Entertain For All My Fan's God Bless Sincerely Freight Train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and God Bless My Father In Heaven For Teaching Me My First Chord On My Guitar
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Bill Sterling
{ 05-07-2009 23:53 }
Well thought I'd stop by and blow a little smoke on you young'un I'f it ain't country cook it til it is and thats an order lmfao
David Sperry
{ 11-19-2008 09:55 }
Now thats country!!GOOD JOB>
Air Echo Music
{ 07-19-2008 02:32 }
HiTodd,asBroBill toldmeStacey inTrouble!&I'll pray 4her!Don'tworry HaveGreatFaith inJesus,He'lllead usAllTheWay!WellSorryaBitlate2reponseThis,4 I'm seldomOnlineBuzyWorkin!on2007-06-12V5 urcool songs! & ur still cool! God Bless U all! (º.º) Love Peter
Yrral Mallik
{ 03-15-2008 19:37 }
Yard Sale ~ My kind od Country.Real Country.True Country.(;LOVE DA STEELS;)Your SYM.Bro Yrral Mallik;)
{ 02-06-2008 22:26 }
Still playin an singin Todd,whats been up with you? Love the music man,seeya,billcarter
Cross Road
{ 01-29-2008 21:15 }
Well Todd I hope your dreams come true. I also pray your wife will be okay. You are a talented man and I vote you a 5. May God bless you my friend. Rob
The Council
{ 12-25-2007 14:53 }
Some fine pickin and grinnin with a commanding voice/five/chazz/peace/stay in touch..
Yrral Mallik
{ 12-17-2007 08:50 }
Home In Heaven ~ Beautiful song.Love it.Enjoyed the listen ever so much.Your S.Y.M. Bro.~(;Yrral Mallik;)
{ 12-16-2007 00:13 }
Nice music. I love the music very much , I will give my attention to your music all the times. When you have the chance, please check out my showcase! Thank You So Much. Juliana
tanya lynn
{ 11-05-2007 22:26 }
hi todd setting hee listening to your new song i like it alot god messege in it and thats what gospal songs are about god bless
Yrral Mallik
{ 10-24-2007 13:30 }
Man a voice with a heart added your songs to my playlist.Your Showcase Bro.~(;Yrral Mallik;)
Bill Sterling
{ 10-15-2007 01:25 }
Hey you Bingo Star Junky good little tune great idea lol I gave you a five the other night and it worked it won't tonight but I'll try lol We're praying for your wife Todd. Hang in there Son
Bill Sterling
{ 10-11-2007 12:58 }
Hello Todd Don't hear much from you lately..Thought I'd come by and give you some support......Your ole buddy Bill
Hearts of Steele
{ 10-09-2007 22:18 }
We liked your sound we hope you go far.
{ 10-06-2007 18:33 }
Todd,I heard Ringo Star junkie,very original,I like it!!! kepp it up man!!! seeya,billcarter
Not For Nothing
{ 09-23-2007 07:03 }
tanya lynn
{ 09-22-2007 22:59 }
hi gave you a 5 am blessed listening to your songs im sure god has a place for all who serve him god bless
Marvin Davis
{ 09-22-2007 08:50 }
Not give us much space to comment, So it's hard to do justice.. Anyway, it's very unique, never heard a song about playing Bingo before, he he Marvin
George Ides
{ 09-22-2007 04:25 }
Good going Todd, keep up the good work.
Blind Dawg Benny
{ 09-21-2007 12:10 }
oh, that you playing the steel on Mr President?B
Lisa Goodale
{ 09-21-2007 12:08 }
bingo star junkie, cute song, A lot of folks can relate to that song.
Blind Dawg Benny
{ 09-21-2007 12:03 }
Keep the faith, baby. Great Classic Country sound. B
Robert Stefan
{ 09-20-2007 22:24 }
Hey there thanks for stopping by.I like the new tune,keep up the good work!Best of luck,Robert Stefan, hi score for you.
Bill Sterling
{ 09-20-2007 22:06 }
"Bingo Star Junky" Hey...!! lmao Cute song Todd..Sounds like you're singing from experience.. Talked to Brother Harold today we had some good laughs from the past...Love ya Son
John Davis
{ 09-20-2007 21:51 }
Hay you're new song Bingo Star Junkie yes its a great song and all of your songs are good not sure witch one to say is the best.I just put a new song I wrote on my sight named (Good by Darlin) My Brother Marvin helped me with the Back up music.
just me
just me says:
{ 09-20-2007 21:25 }
great work. real passion!!! 5 all the way. cheers craig
Deborah says:
{ 09-05-2007 04:32 }
Love Your voice, music and lyrics. God use You to give people hope and smiles on their faces. Blessings from Sweden! (if he blesses me with a ticket I might use Your help for my recordings)
jack says:
{ 08-10-2007 23:26 }
Hey Man, great site. Enjoyed your music. Kent Hurley
Bill Sterling
{ 08-09-2007 19:49 }
Yup!!!Todd I put an old picture of us on the I change them around remove them replace with different ones lol How you doing kid. Never hear much anymore. Anyway you're still pick'in thats great.
Paul Wilson / Joanne T.- Songwriters
{ 08-07-2007 09:52 }
Great covers,But I gotta say I'd like to hear more of you. Spend More Time With You sounds like a great country classic to me. You have a great traditional style. May true country live on!! I gotta give you a 5.
{ 07-30-2007 13:17 }
Love the name!! A great voice too!!! keep it up!! A big "5" from me,see ya,billcarter
Bill Sterling
{ 07-27-2007 19:08 }
Enjoying the pictures tonight Todd... That Boy is growing... I done voted for you once, so My hands are tied, but wish I could give Vernie a five for the song she's singing in that photo at your all star Love you all!!!
George Ides
{ 07-15-2007 15:31 }
Hey Todd, Good going enjoyd your music mate. Keep it going.
Trinity Lane
{ 07-11-2007 13:06 }
Came by to say thanks for the comments and the votes.. I also gave you a 5, great job!
Bill Sterling
{ 07-10-2007 14:04 }
Came by to show you a little support good luck with your Jam Session!!
Marvin Davis
{ 07-04-2007 10:45 }
Thanks for stopping by and the nice compliment. Your choice of songs here communicates what kind of person you are bro.. Music is a bond we all understand! Keep up the good work. Marvin
Lisa Goodale
{ 07-01-2007 15:00 }
It looks like you all have a great time singing. That is a big part of it all, Enjoy Life! Someone gotta keep the joy going, Looks like you are doing a great job.
Jacquelyn says:
{ 06-29-2007 21:10 }
Gregory Vick
{ 06-29-2007 12:29 }
"I give me heart to Jesus" I like that one... you have quite many songs I see. Keep writing that good ole gospel
John Davis
{ 06-29-2007 10:54 }
Freight Train Todd I grow up on this kind of music,It's like an old time religion you never forget. all them old churche buildings are tore down and good people gone with them, really takes you back.
Robert Stefan
{ 06-29-2007 08:44 }
Thanks for the kind comments,and keep writing what's in your heart ,love your music,all the best ,Robert,gave you a high 5
tanya lynn
{ 06-24-2007 22:17 }
hey todd thanks so much for the nice rating i think you are great to i give you a 5 also and realy like your style
Mr. My City
{ 06-24-2007 21:22 }
Thanx for the support! Please rate my showcase if u have'nt already!
Justus Prevails
{ 06-24-2007 21:19 }
Classic country sound... timeless really. Great effort and contribution to country music.
Mr. My City
{ 06-24-2007 20:25 }
Not my forte, but great work! U deserve a 5 and thats what you get! Keep on pushin'! Please rate my showcase. The Reason I Grind! Support Tha Movement!
Bill Sterling
{ 06-22-2007 21:46 }
Thought I'd come by and say hello Freight Train. Hello... How about blowing me a little of that Oney Wheeler Whistle low and sad.......
Bob Nichols
{ 06-20-2007 10:01 }
Hi Todd. Great country voice and I give you a 5. Keep up the good work and hope you get on the opry.
Gareth Newman  & Janet English
{ 06-19-2007 14:28 }
Hi There, I just had to Give you a GREAT BIG 5 for your music.I enjoy your songs I will be back to listen some more. Thank you for a smile on my face I love your wonderful talent. Janet @ "SYM" jaefitness
Bill Sterling
{ 06-18-2007 23:11 }
Yes I named you Freight train. Wish I had the room here to tell just how that came about the guy was looking for Box Car Willie and I ask him If freight Train Todd Haugen would do.
Bill Sterling
{ 06-15-2007 00:26 }
Way to go Todd. Remember when your Dad use to slip you into the Silver Dollar and you'd set under the table so you could see us perform. What were you? six or seven... lol.. Great days and great memories.. The very best to you Son....
The Parish Family
{ 06-13-2007 23:20 }
beautiful songs and great style. voted a 5 . enjoyed your music
{ 06-12-2007 23:59 }
Natahlie says:
{ 06-12-2007 11:29 }
Beautiful songwriting and style! I enjoy your showcase very much and wish you continued success! A high 5 from me! Natahlie
Cheryle Correa
{ 06-12-2007 10:21 }
Hi Todd - thanks for the nice comments, I appreciate that. Enjoyed your traditional country sound. Wish you all the success you dream of.
{ 06-12-2007 09:33 }
ANOTHER TRUE COUNTRY SINGER-SOGNWRITER. Nice ruff gravely voice - always good in country music! 5's my friend keep plugging & writing! Creesy Creek Music Nasvhille TN. USA
Air Echo Music
{ 06-12-2007 03:17 }
Hey Man U've got a BRILLIANT WEST sounds! Keep Up the Good Work & Add in More Beautiful Songs!!!! V5A! Peter
Dangerous Age
{ 06-11-2007 21:36 }
great country sound, a 5 for sure
DANNA says:
{ 06-11-2007 21:08 }
Cross Road
{ 06-11-2007 16:20 }
Amen Bother!! Sing it!! Good stuff no doubt!! There sure are some talented musicians in here. Cross Road
John Davis
{ 06-10-2007 02:11 }
this is really nice music I love the style very much could listen all day. U (5) for sure
courtney says:
{ 06-05-2007 08:42 }
love your sound, I hope your like mine
Allery says:
{ 05-05-2007 16:56 }
Todd your voice reminds me of the good ole days. My father was a superstar as well you should be. Keep playing and we will keep listening. Check us out Allery
{ 04-30-2007 19:53 }
Melissa Greenwood
{ 04-27-2007 11:33 }
hey i like that old sound it was good come by and see me k