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George F O\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Neil Sr

Deland, FL [Alt. Rock, Hard Rock, Easy Listening]

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Play Guitarrrrr !!!!
[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"darkblue\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"][/color]I want to thank everyone that has tuned in to check out my sounds, and I hope there was some songs that you could relate to and enjoy, Peace my friends, Keep tuning in There just might be some more cool sounds coming this way.
Big \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"G\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"darkblue\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"][/color]
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Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 07-14-2010 21:00 }
Thank You George I'm glad you said what you did! It made MY Life! Thank You so very much! XXXX's and God Bless! Dee Jay
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 07-07-2010 21:24 }
Thanks George! I'm glad you liked it & it gave you a nice feeling and I pray that the Golf Course President likes it too? But have to check back with him on this? I just loved that Eagle Sculpture and I got the nicest tour from the Golf Course too!
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 12-24-2009 03:09 }
That's A Beautiful Song George! Matty is smiling down on You and You Sing Wonderful! I love the way the sound floated back and fourth too. Kind of like Echo's from Heaven! You sure got Special Healing Powers and they Heal the Mind/Body/Soul For Sure!
Ron Ouellette
{ 10-18-2009 09:59 }
your sound is faaar out.great work.
Eulalia says:
{ 08-29-2009 18:44 }
Broanna Leigh
{ 08-25-2009 20:17 }
love the sound you have here, you got my 5 broanna x
Realm of Soularis
{ 08-01-2009 03:53 }
such an amazingly powerful bunch of arrangements, that say so much, but never leaves you hanging. i must agree with the rest of the comments, you're such a gifted guitarist! great great grand stuff!! cya around
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 07-24-2009 23:56 }
Oh, George! That's the Most Beautiful Song! I just love that and it was just what the Doctor Order for ME Today! And I just had a Double Dose and I'm coming back to get More Of Your Medacine Everytime I need it. I smiles the whole time I listened!!
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 07-24-2009 19:10 }
Thank You George! I'm glad you like My Songs and You Warmed My Heart today, when I am low! You Are So Sweet to all and You Are A Wonderful Per- son! My Husband & Son will soon be here at home by the 1st and I can't wait to see them! God Bless You!
{ 07-23-2009 03:16 }
Fantastic guitar! Hard and smooth at the same time - this is what we like the most. 555 from us.
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 07-12-2009 12:18 }
Georgie Boy! Thank you For Stopping By to See Me On My Showcase and Leaving such a nice compliment for me! You Sure Make That Guitar of Yours Sing and I can't decide if you are playing it or Murdering it?? Ha! But you sure make it sound Great! Ha!
Flock of Nerds
{ 07-11-2009 00:50 }
you're SYM's best guitarist with your crazy melodic solo's and rockin melodies!! all of your tracks are superb!! we enjoyed each of them, with their originality and freshness! visit us sometime =)
Richard Todd (Songwriter)
{ 06-30-2009 07:45 }
Nice tunes,Nice cray guitar solos,I like the video very craaazzzyyy.5 from me.If you get a chance check out my tunes and let me know what u think...Peace
Ron Wess MusaQ! ElectroniQ MUSAQ!
{ 04-26-2009 15:54 }
hey rock on my man,yo wasup been away for awhile,but ya tracks are rockin, feelin that, check me out new track "2 Hott" (Dance track)...give ya 5 fo sho...PEACELOVE&GODBLESS! RON WESS MUSAQ
Stephen Michael Minnick (Vietnam War Hero)
V-5 George!That last video you did on my Birthday?? Oct.18th is my B-Day, so that was funny. Ha! A late gift! Ha! You are Outstanding George and what a wonderful Artist You Are and in so many ways. A Showcase of Quality & Excellence!Love it all!
jay says:
{ 03-08-2009 19:30 }
hey george just shown some love hey i listened to more of your songs loved them n felt the emotion 55s love jay xoxoxo
Bunker Records
{ 03-03-2009 14:53 }
Love the sound! great music! 5's all day RESPECT! DDP
jay says:
{ 03-03-2009 05:23 }
hey george dont know about them going lol but vhey here you go singing great as always love jay its a 5
jay says:
{ 02-28-2009 01:59 }
hey great music n sound loved it come n say hi god bless love jay
Gina G.
Gina G. says:
{ 02-27-2009 16:29 }
Great music and sound 5s and a vote liked it.Hope you can check out my page Gina G
{ 01-14-2009 13:16 }
HOT MUSIC, Ya got my vote 55555's all day, CHECK ME OUT AT: dilla150boys
Dan Clepper
{ 11-29-2008 12:24 }
George O'Neil ...What i'm talkin bout.. Have'n FUN..! and sounding Good..! Enjoyed..! ***5***from me . best wishes Dan clepper
JODY RAY says:
{ 10-11-2007 14:36 }
Kevin K. Gagnon
{ 08-14-2007 18:30 }
Cool stuff! Gave u 5!
Dangerous Age
{ 08-11-2007 20:47 }
hot sounds in urgent need of more. 5
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 08-11-2007 11:53 }
Just showin respect to a site that deserves it, keep doin your thing,got my support, 5, h i t b a c k
{ 08-11-2007 02:47 }
play that funky music 5 all day
smicki says:
{ 08-11-2007 01:07 }
wanna hear more