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dayton, OH [Hard Rock, Prog Rock, Pop-Rock]

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Hamilton&Thomas Music
  1. Another Place To Go
  2. Bad Influence
  3. Exitium
  4. Midnight After Midnight
  5. Non Omnis Moriar
  6. Rapture
  7. Swallowed
Artist Bio
20 years in the making, Hamilton and Thomas, Two song writers and friends. Have been putting together some of the most interesting and Intense music of their lives. A music duo from Miamisburg Ohio, Kirk Hamilton and Thomas Liming first started composing their own brand of Rock back in 1992 when both artiest where in their early 20s. Thomas’s main job was Piano and lyricists while Kirk took command over vocals guitar, composer. Driven by a passion of creativity to make their own compositions with dreams of hopefully breaking out into the mainstream. The two friends would spend countless hours of every day slaving over different ideas and musical interest. Gaining inspiration from musicians like Randy Roads and Jake E. Lee to Bands Like Journey and REO Speed Wagon. But the Tree Of Inspiration didn’t just stop at flaming guitars and Perfect Pitched Vocals. The two writers where even influenced by a deeper root of the musical genera of R&B and Soul as well as Jazz Fusion and POP.

Ups and Downs, Marriages and whatnots, time flew by.
Lives changed and the music got put away. At one point the two friends had to go separate ways to live out their lives but always staying in touch keeping up on each other musical ventures. Thomas Liming has had some minor local success with two original Rock Bands. And Kirk Hamilton has Played guitar and been guest vocals on many Local recordings as well as written and recorded his own Original Material.

Today there is this cool thing called the Digital Home Recording Software and the Internet.
Which has allowed these two talented musicians and friends to come together over a vast distance.
It’s a new and unique way for these two guys to once again be able to Jam, Write , Record and have a good time.

Today the writting process is smoother due to all the experience Kirk and Thomas have gained from continual practice and writing.

Today, Kirk Plays Guitar ,Bass ,Piano and sings and Thomas Plays Drums , Piano, Sings. Both are brilliant at composing ,arranging, recording and mixing.

Today it’s all for fun and their putting it out there for free.

So come and check them out.
You’ll never know what they’ll pull out of their Hat.

you can find more of our work at our official web sight where all our Music is Always free to Download.
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Account Deleted by User
{ 01-19-2014 17:29 }
Hello again, great to find you. I remember you from JamWave!
{ 07-21-2012 13:46 }
Sounds good guys.
Ste2me says:
{ 04-03-2012 21:24 }
nice one 5555, check out my new upload, i think you'll be surprised....... keep it real
{ 02-09-2012 12:44 }
This is Tribe-Singer/Songwriter of Scarecrow-I just listened to your music,I listen closely. I think more vox, a little less guitar,it is great work!I think "Another Place to Go" is my fav on the page.Heart-felt. God Bless u!
"HETHYN" says:
{ 12-31-2011 17:23 }
Great Job Bro,s,Keep Hittin Um !
Crazzzy Kurt
{ 11-21-2011 20:38 }
Y E A H ... welcome .. great stuff ... great week and SKOL , .. Kurt
{ 11-19-2011 14:59 }
Ronnie James Dio would be proud!! Awesome! Extremely tight and complex and technically perfect! Can’t wait to hear more. 5++ Joe
Lisa Banton - 2012 Mixtape  @
Thank you very much!
A Cup Of Joe
{ 11-16-2011 11:52 }
fantastic upbeat great sound a 5
The Porridgeface
{ 11-15-2011 15:49 }
HOLY COW! Love it!Especially that opening riff in "Swallowed"...maybe i´ll steal it! (I won´t..but i love it!)
Trevor James
{ 11-15-2011 04:16 }
love the tight sound - excellent showcase 5 from me