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Jason Richardson

Gilbert, AZ [Country, Country Rock]

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I have been playing guitar and singing in a band since I was 15 and have been writing my own music for several years. These recordings are demos in a home studio with some friends. I have played the phoenix metro area for a several years and have taken time off to write and record. If there are any writers in the phoenix metro interested in cowriting similar to my style please contact me.

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{ 11-30-2009 02:47 }
Your voice is amazing, and your music is really good. I give you the highest rating on this website which is a 5 rating superstar. Please leave a comment on my page, and please give me a 5 rating as well.
Wendy Risoli
{ 10-05-2009 23:34 }
Love the sounds, I just love you. Wonderful song choices, I love your voice too. I love everything about you & your music. Gave you a 5 for it all. Wendy Risoli
Stan Flowers
{ 05-16-2009 09:35 }
Keep up the good work dude!
Southern Girl!
{ 05-09-2009 15:46 }
Welcome to SYM!! You sound great! Keep pluggin' the music.
Bunker Records
{ 05-02-2009 16:43 }
Love the sound! Great music! 5's all day RESPECT!DDP