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Houston, TX [HipHop, Rap, Underground]

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The grind is on!
  1. Texas
  2. Girl Come Home With Me
  3. Im Back
James W., was born on December 21,1982, in “TheView”, Longview, Texas. Better known by his H-town nickname J~bOY, he is an American Texas based rapper, song writer, producer, engineer and CEO of Grown Maan Entertainment Inc.

In August 2003, after a 9 years hiatus from rhyming, James was reintroduced to the mic. He has never looked back and has ran with his passion for music with a fierce drive and determination. Developing his lyrical and poetic skills at an astonishing rate, he seems to be a magnet for people of various persuasions, but states, “I’m simply me and all us real go through the same thangs.”

After the death of his father, followed by his uncle and 1st cousin within a few short months early on in his youth, James was left to be raised by his single mother. The unexpected loss of these key people so close to him left him in a constant state of turmoil. This turmoil would manifest and show itself early on making James into a young soldier on the streets of East Texas. Smart, determined with a “steel will,” even as a youth, James had a way with people. The streets embraced him and thus J~bOY took his place rising to a quick pinnacle.

Leaving boyhood behind, J~bOY turned to the underbelly of the streets. He developed a strong dislike for authority and spent a great deal of his youth carving out his independence so that he could live by his own rules. By the age of 12, he had a secure handle on the streets, all the while remaining an A-B student and a gifted athlete.

J~bOY explains the origin of his nickname, saying, “We used to get into it with a lot of people since being in the H (Houston) and I would always tell them (his opponents) to jump boy before whatever was about to jump off happened. So, all of my homies making fun of my East Texas accent started calling me J~bOY.”

After a short successful academic and athletic career at Texas Southern University, J~bOY withdrew from college and focused exclusively on pursing various entrepreneurial endeavors until finding his new home and voice in hip hop. He has been an unstoppable force since then, pushing hard to turn his dream into a reality.

J~bOY has announced a pending release date for his 1st Solo Album entitled Texas Trillology, which is in high anticipation. He brings a real treat to hip-hop, a true old school “Gangster” persona, with a new-aged twist and Texas swag…
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GoodFella Tha MizFit
{ 01-18-2014 19:35 }
hott songz homie, stay on it... Check me out if u get tha chance..
apollo mike
{ 11-28-2013 23:51 }
Keep it up. Check out Apollo mike new single real niggas