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Herndon, VA [Classic Rock, Prog Rock]

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  1. P.U.R.E. Live (sampler)
Jim Sowder is a solo musician based in Northern Virginia.
Available for nightclubs, private parties or any festive occasion.
Performances are a mixture of Jim singing with just an acoustic guitar and Jim singing to a full band accompaniment. Thanks to new technology, all instruments and all vocals that you hear performed live or on the Online Demo CD are done by Jim Sowder. Visit me at !
Jim also performs in the rock band P.U.R.E.. If you are interested in going to the P.U.R.E. website, go to !

To hear my Song Of The Month, go to !

The album P.U.R.E. Live is available at and !
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{ 02-26-2016 17:33 }
Thank you so much Kicking Saturday ! I'm so glad you dig it. Rock on my friend !
Kicking Saturday
{ 02-26-2016 16:41 }
enjoyed like it live thumbs up
{ 08-27-2015 21:03 }
Thank you John ! Hope you enjoyed my music. Also, I hope things are going well for you as well.
{ 08-27-2015 18:55 }
all the best to you jim
{ 06-27-2015 18:21 }
Thank you Cassandra ! And I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Rock on my friend !
cassandra wallace
{ 06-27-2015 16:45 }
Exceptional talent excellent vocals - you have a God-given talent enjoyed your showcase very much - wishing you the best always - vote 5 plus God Bless Cassandra