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  1. I Know
  2. It Look Good Dont It
  3. Let Me In
Walter Hodges
Born August 14 1984
Judson High School, San Antonio Texas

"I've been a best friend of music since I wrote my first song when I was about 11 yrs old, (a remake of "Reasons" by Earth Wind and Fire) and started training myself to sing in 7th grade by reciting covers of Ginuwine and Usher." Meet San Antonio's L.I.L Pooh(Larger in Life). Though both his parents are living, he grew up with just his Mother. He says his Dad wasn't there as much, but his Mother is the greatest woman in the world. Pooh was the only boy and he says she did a good job on raising him. She struggled, but she did it.

In 2005 he launched his own record label, Gotta Git It Records, and introduced Troop Klick, a group consisting of Pooh and two other artists. It was in 2007 he became truly dedicated when he joined The Bexar County Boyz and released two CD's. On November 11, 2011 he released his first solo mixtape entitled "M.E Point 5" and it was followed by much success in the form of sales, downloads, cover and features in BREAD Magazine and Going South Magazine.

It was his football coach, Coach Rutledge that gave him a strength and training not only of the physical kind but in the mind as well. "Overcoming adversity is all in the mind." Rutledge would tell him. Pooh took that to heart. In 2004, while he was away for a bid, Pooh's uncle, best friend and manager passed. "Jimmy trained me on becoming an artist, and he is the reason why I'm so head strong bout this music."

L.I.L Pooh feels the current direction of Hip Hop is coming back to an originality now that people are starting to be themselves again. His hobbies include writing and cooking, and he admires Diddy, Russell Simmons, and Jay Z. Focused on becoming a hot new trend, Pooh has secretly started to learn the art of beat-making so he can have his own in-house production. With Pooh's fiery lyrics and potential to explore all genres of music, he's just waiting to be discovered and be taken to the next level.
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