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Liesa Clark

Kent [Easy Listening, Celtic, New Age]

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Hi All, I have been writing poems, lyrics & tunes since I was 15 years old, It's taken me a long time to actually record one of them!

I write the lyrics & create the tune & Dave creates the music to go with it in his studio..

My aim is to be a songwriter as I don't consider myself a great singer, I'm singing on these tracks in the meantime for demo purpose!
UPDATE... I have now been asked to sing on other artists songs, which is a great honor for me, & I'm learning to have some faith in my own voice!

Could I live the dream, just by creating these songs I already have!

I like all styles of music, I don't have a favorite genre just favorite songs..

My motto is to be kind to all, whatever species & remember those who have gone before you. My inspiration comes from many heartaches & a passion for justice.

'Come Home To Me' was inspired by a dog called Bruce in Northern Ireland,
if you search Save Bruce dog in Northern Ireland you will find his sad story. (UPDATE- BRUCE IS NOW FREE!)
It also made me think of all families missing a loved one especially mothers with sons & daughters who are soldiers, who worry every day for them.
What ever your thoughts on war & what ever country you are from, no mother wants her child lost or hurt.

UPDATE (new age genre)
'Dark Waters' is a collaboration between myself & the RubX Project, thanks to Showcase bringing us together! Rub X Project created the beautiful music & I wrote & sang the lyrics. :) Copyright RubX Project & Liesa Clark

UPDATE (dance genre)
'Crowning Glory 'Watch Over Me' RMX is a collaboration between myself & DJ Michael Angello, once again thanks to Showcase!
DJ Michael Angello & the Dream House Crew created the music & I sung the vocals. Lyrics written by myself & DJ Michael Angello. Copyright. DJ Micheal Angello / The Dream House Crew & Liesa Clark

UPDATE (soul/R&B genre)
'You & Me' is a collaboration between myself & Dave "Mezzer" Meredith, thanks to Showcase again!
Dave "Mezzer" Meredith created the music & I wrote & sang the lyrics. Copyright Dave Meredith & Liesa Clark

Thank you for listening. :)
Copyright Liesa Clark & D.Cherry- unless otherwise stated :)
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Kevin Nevel
{ 02-13-2016 01:28 }
Hi Liesa, Great heartfelt songs; love your voice!!! -Kevin
{ 12-21-2015 18:56 }
Liesa, hypnotic and sensual all at the same time. Glad Today had me pick up my guitar and jam along with you. Simple yet complex. subdued yet exciting pulled me right in. Joe 5++
hotskippa says:
{ 11-12-2015 23:53 }
5 love
Glenn Brace
{ 07-02-2015 11:22 }
Beautiful Liesa, 5 from me
{ 01-07-2015 08:01 }
very nice nice musickeep up the good work & i hope u a worl of sucess
{ 01-07-2015 08:00 }
very nice nice musickeep up the good work & i hope u a worl of sucess
Dave Rice
Dave Rice says:
{ 12-20-2014 11:50 }
Enjoyed your lyrics and vocals. This is a wonderful collaborative effort between you and Dave Meredith. Exceptional songs.
Ryan Mulholland
{ 12-17-2014 13:21 }
Hey Liesa, I just wanted to wish you Happy Holidays & I hope all is well!
Ric Tangherlini
{ 11-30-2014 19:59 }
Liesa, You are incredible, I love your vocals actually love all your songs If your ever in the Boston area plz hit me up I would love to see you perform. Email:
{ 06-21-2014 13:39 }
Here Is The Official Link To My Single #Dreaming ----> Download It For Only #99cents #Thanks & #AppreciateYou
David Kelly Music
{ 06-04-2014 14:05 }
Incredible Vocals
David Kelly Music
{ 06-04-2014 14:04 }
Awesome music!!!
Bob Nesom
Bob Nesom says:
{ 05-13-2014 20:09 }
Hi Leisa-love your music and voice. I haven't been on this site for quite sometime. Peace. Bob Nesom
Matt(The Scientist)Williams
{ 03-27-2014 04:28 }
A new and refreshing sound.
A.T. says:
{ 03-18-2014 20:40 }
Smooth original vocals!
{ 02-22-2014 11:38 }
Rhonda Fister
{ 01-18-2014 18:52 }
Very nice and your voice is pure and angelic!
Halo Ten Studios
{ 12-19-2013 10:05 }
Happy Holiday and New Year to you, Liesa. We will be playing your music over the holidays at the studio. Cheers to 2014 and much success with your musical passion.
{ 12-16-2013 18:29 }
Halo Ten Studios
{ 11-25-2013 19:19 }
You are most welcome. :)
{ 11-19-2013 15:06 }
One Last Time is Brilliant! Thanks for connecting, commenting. The support is absolutely mutual! Much success to you
xyrion says:
{ 11-18-2013 17:45 }
Kicking Saturday
{ 11-18-2013 17:35 }
kickstart my heart love it love you for love is for all 5 stars.
Ryan Mulholland
{ 11-18-2013 16:24 }
Thank you for such a great comment, Liesa! I\'ve been listening through some of your tracks again & am equally as impressed as I was the first time I heard them. You have a true talent & I\'m anxious to hear more!
Josh Pride
{ 10-26-2013 23:39 }
awesome :)
{ 08-04-2013 00:35 }
Amazing voice,musics and ambiances Liesa, congratulations to you and Dave - 5 stars
Realm of Soularis
{ 08-01-2013 22:25 }
All ways enjoy listening to your music!! Very powerful stuff!! Take care. :)
Glenn Brace
{ 07-31-2013 20:02 }
Beautiful, loved everything you did Liesa.
Ryan Mulholland
{ 05-03-2013 13:07 }
Excellent vocals & music!
ArtWhimsically Yours Studio
{ 04-05-2013 11:27 }
I am enjoying Glad today, and I\'m glad today that I choose to listen to it, lovely vocals, and musical arrangement for sure ~~Matt
{ 03-21-2013 11:27 }
im the same way i have been writing poems all my life & just now getting to put them to use, allow people to feel them as my soul wrote them. keep reaching for the sky pass and beyond somewhere there is a great big star with your name on it
spiner says:
{ 02-02-2013 17:53 }
beautifull songs, beautifull voice, like every true artist you feel a huge self doubt, keep believing in your talent, I do !!!
{ 10-21-2012 16:56 }
Delete says:
{ 09-20-2012 17:28 }
beautiful vocal sound Liesa !! I knew I was missing something ,now I know .well done
{ 09-17-2012 06:38 }
A big 55555 for you from Rob, Belgium!
Kamilean says:
{ 09-01-2012 07:34 }
Liesa! You are beautiful inside and out! Keep going my friend! I can hear your soul through your voice as you sing! Thank you for sharing that! Peace! Kamilean and oh yeah by the way...! 55555555555555555555555555555555 Baby! To you and Dave!
jomeer says:
{ 08-09-2012 09:28 }
Very Nice work here.clear voice ..giv a 5 to you
Amit says:
{ 07-28-2012 13:40 }
Awesome work,your voice is very good and the music is also great.
Kicking Saturday
{ 06-26-2012 09:26 }
Kicking Fan from Miami
Ric Tangherlini
{ 06-24-2012 07:44 }
Read your profile and I love your voice and songwriting. Your fantastic! Fan from Boston!
Check out my new single “Can't f with me” (Starring Andre Berto) off my debut mixtape “Knight Rider Vol. 1. Which is schedule to be release on July 24, 2012. -Michael Knight-
dxdevilz says:
{ 06-15-2012 14:48 }
Maam , I am a 17year old and a big fan of your songs. There is smethng I would like to talk about.. can you please mail me at this address : .Please. It would be really kind of you. Please.
{ 05-31-2012 00:07 }
Glad Today The melody & lyrics reached in and pulled my heartstrings. Wailed on my guitar. Your voice doesn't overpower the music yet entices the listener into wanting more and more. Impressive & would enjoy any type of collaboration. 5+ booked your page
SAM says:
{ 05-02-2012 05:32 }
This is some special - and I really do like it - take my 5! Regards from GOG - guess where from...
Helder Rock
{ 03-18-2012 13:17 }
Awesome, lovely, beautiful!!!
Project Silence
{ 02-03-2012 04:48 }
Great 5 stars to u!
{ 01-29-2012 10:03 }
really nice! 5 stars your way:)
Ronnie Beahan  Songwriter BMI Nashville
{ 01-26-2012 14:21 }
COME HOME TO ME...great job..I can smell the Ocean Breeze
Funkyaxe ( Andy )
{ 01-18-2012 18:47 }
I like have a very warm natural voice. Please listen to my tunes. Would love to perhaps collaborate on something one day
{ 01-08-2012 16:54 }
WOW WOW WOW! the real deal so smooth and easy on the ears
Jazz Host
Jazz Host says:
{ 12-25-2011 11:53 }
Great Talent. Please join our music store to sell your music at
Johanna Balogh
{ 12-03-2011 11:00 }
Hi.Thank you for listening. Sorry I did not respond not have a computer. High 5 for your music!! Do you live in Ireland? Can I come there?? ha! Love and Peace!
Trevor James
{ 11-04-2011 23:22 }
like this a lot 5 from me - keep it going, check me out
Paul Germana
{ 10-26-2011 12:56 }
Hi Lisa, Your music reminds me a bit of Jewel, but you've got your own sound.
{ 10-12-2011 18:54 }
Like you a lot, you're different - it's a rare thing these days. keep up the good work.
Maximilian Vitali
{ 09-16-2011 07:07 }
Great voice, intelligent compositions 5*
{ 08-09-2011 14:01 }
55555 to you, really great voice ;-) Rob, Belgium
Chris Sebby
{ 08-04-2011 11:36 }
Cool stuff gave you a 55555, hit me back.
Ewash says:
{ 07-25-2011 20:15 }
This is NICE,very inspiring and sexy!!!All 555s from me. I'm gonna keep check'n you out.STAY BLESSED!!
NULL says:
{ 07-25-2011 17:47 }
Hi Liesa - Thanks for the Kind comment :) Just been listening to your Tracks & one track got me hooked was "Glad Today" - Great Track & Vocals Excel. Has a hint of the cranberries in it :) VERY NICE Genuine Respect - The Sequentialz
Kamilean says:
{ 07-10-2011 20:15 }
Thanks babe! so let's just kepp in touch! Peace!
Kamilean says:
{ 07-10-2011 12:39 }
Hi Liesa! You are soooo cute! You and your music! So just keep it up girl! 5 from Kamilean baby!!! :) Take care my friend!
Andy Atherton
{ 06-21-2011 14:02 }
liesa quote "I don't consider myself a great singer" What!! you have a lovely voice be proud and keep up the great work your singing is very soothing..good work. 5
Michael Saldana
{ 06-21-2011 13:59 }
Great singing and originality. love the sound and the lyrics. very relaxing and makes me think. keep it up. got my 5 stars. love the voice
DRel And HisMusic
{ 06-18-2011 18:38 }
Love Your Sound Keep Doing You Vote# 83 From DRel Of DRel And His music 55555555555555 All Day
SYLKAY says:
{ 06-18-2011 03:18 }
Oh just loving your vocals gorgeous 5 outta 5 for me :-]
SKEI says:
{ 06-14-2011 12:21 }
Beautiful deep voice, relaxing music! Very pleasant atmosphere!! :)
Liron Cohen
{ 06-04-2011 10:19 }
Great music! Loved it!
Halo Ten Studios
{ 05-30-2011 21:51 }
Curious. Is your music on Facebook as well?
{ 05-11-2011 08:39 }
love the deepth and style of the songs, production is excellent. wish you well for the future.
{ 05-09-2011 13:53 }
Hiya, sent a PM :-)
KBone says:
{ 05-09-2011 05:10 }
Thanks for the comment. Wow, beautiful vocals to go along with a beautiful lady. Keep it up! Very nice work. Stay in touch;-)
Clay Candles/Andy watson
{ 05-07-2011 21:31 }
remember my Angel I have always cared, ur a part of me and i`m a part of......You...Andy xx
Clay Candles/Andy watson
{ 05-07-2011 21:19 }
hello again liesa, still Beautiful.. You never even tried..but you made me glad today....xxxAndy
{ 05-01-2011 04:54 }
Hello.Love the melodies and use of vocals Great modern beats,clear paino/acoustic.Nice basslines also, esp on "Its not right". Folkish but with a modern feel.Glad i stopped by.. Would love to collab with you sometime (if you collab?) All the best -Dave-
Professor Price
{ 04-30-2011 01:55 }
Greetings from Minneapolis! Thanks for your lovely tunes..Your voice is well suited to your material.5 votes at least.
{ 04-28-2011 13:49 }
Great music here...I love your voice...Best wishes...BONES of THE BONES MARTYN BAND
Stephen Johnson
{ 04-28-2011 06:29 }
Hi Liesa,it is great to hear your songs again,just fantastic !!5555's as always for you. Take Care and God Bless
SI-MON says:
{ 04-27-2011 07:28 }
Thx for kind words..gotta say you are awesome !..lyrics amazing and your voice is just so inspiring..5 all the way xx
Anhura says:
{ 04-25-2011 00:16 }
I love "My Angel"...continue to breathe music
Anhura says:
{ 04-25-2011 00:15 }
5 for you, you are truly an artist
Kid Kal
Kid Kal says:
{ 04-21-2011 19:54 }
I really like the Lyrics you put to your music. It's got a great vibe. Maybe one day we can collab over the internet. :) 5 Stars! -Kid Kal
{ 04-19-2011 14:39 }
Awesome words. Wish I had that knack. It's really great to hear something so well done. 5outta5!
Connemara Stone Company
{ 04-16-2011 06:22 }
Hi Liesa. Like the music. All the best. Keith
Traphouse Coalition
{ 04-11-2011 17:04 }
Nice sounds Lil Momma Voted for u
{ 04-09-2011 01:00 }
5s all day... GREAT WORK pls check my page out.thank u
KBone says:
{ 04-02-2011 15:38 }
Sounding pretty good! Keep up the good work! Feel free to check out It's the music site that definitely assists with getting artists,producers, and dj's up to that next level.
Hill Sisters 11 & 13  "Bully Proof"
{ 03-27-2011 02:48 }
Wow! We consider you a GREAT singet. 5's for you all day long. We love your voice, music and sytle. Check out our NEW single "BULLY PROOF" Let us know what you think. We wish you the best.
Jing Wu Media Productions
{ 03-26-2011 22:38 }
Hi L Thanks for your kind comments, glad you enjoyed the tunes, I might even start calling myself a musician :) Wishing you much success. Mr Mantis btw heres another 5