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L.I.L Pooh


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Larger In Life Pooh
  1. Show Off Ft. Shaun Anthony
  2. I Know
  3. It Look Good Don't It
  4. Let Me In
L.I.L Pooh

Bombarded with feature requests, a two-to-three-time-a-week performance schedule, out of state bookings, spins on local and national on-line and HD radio stations, already interviewed by every local music magazine, made some good noise at SXSW, and having fun branding out his well known tag line \"Gotta Git It Pooh!\" with his new \"Gitn It!\" Brand.. San Antonio\'s Home-Grown L.I.L. Pooh is truly in the ears of millions, fulfilling his destiny to be Larger In Life Pooh!

\"I knew 2013 was going to be a musical ball of fire from beginning to end, I also knew it was going to produce a handful of young entertainers, like L.I.L. Pooh, that will make their mark in the world for San Antonio Hip Hop.\" -- D Major, host of The Urban Suite.

His mixtape \"Me point 5\" produced good sales in 2012, so he followed it with his first all original music album entitled \"My Enigma\". It was a good move for Pooh and has his fans asking for more of his original material. \"My stories are real, this is my life. My fans can relate because my music is sincere and speaks to their souls, not their egos.\" says L.I.L. Pooh.

Dropping his next album \"Gotta Git It\" which features his new single \"Keisha No Regina\" has hit the local Texas college scene so well that it has promoters in Atlanta, L.A., Florida, Colorado and Louisiana asking him to come perform it.

Pooh has been recording mostly in Atlanta throughout 2013, and has two nice high-lights to share; Pooh got to work with Multi-Platinum Producer Nick Fury. Also, Pooh and Houston\'s Killa Kyleon will be releasing a great new track that will be blessing the streets and the airwaves of both cities soon! Can\'t wait? Then you can catch his features on \"Ghetto Goodz\" by SA-Town\'s DJ TIZ and \"Alamo City AllStarz\" by producer Fatal.
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Blakk Flagg Music
{ 02-04-2013 15:02 }
I see U holdin it down for SA, check the page and if u dig it, we can discuss a collab, HOLLA
Billion Redy
{ 08-02-2012 19:25 }
5 partna!!!
Neet says:
{ 06-08-2012 20:33 }
{ 06-06-2012 16:02 }
sounds tight bro feeling the rhymes an flow keep doing your thing please come check me out
Spokin Word Ent
{ 06-04-2012 22:10 }
Texas stand up!!!! Homeboy I'm loving these hits mayne. I will you a beat to collab on right now!! Check us out..Style is sick!