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Syrause, NY [Americana, Soundtrack]

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Maka Rouge
  1. "I Was Thinking About You Tonight"
Maka Rouge is an eclectic Americana Singer/Songwriter/Musician . After spending many years in the Los Angeles area, her exposure to different styles of music was prevalent.

In the year 2000 Maka broke her elbow in a skateboarding accident. She was told she would be disabled never to use her left arm again. She was driven to rehabilitate her arm by playing guitar. Self taught, she began writing music.

Maka Rouge has her original songs rotating on mainstream radio worldwide and has performed live across the United States. In addition, she has scored short films for students entering the American Film Institute.

Maka ties together her melodic voice, with a velvety edge to the heart of her music, giving you a sound that will get you feeling and moving to her music. Her live shows are an eclectic blend of leg kicking, soul felt, spirit lifting memorable performances.
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l.b.r says:
{ 02-27-2012 12:06 }
nice but can u listen to my music n comment
Chris Sebby
{ 02-16-2012 18:14 }
555's from me for vote #6 Dig the soul in your voice. Vote back a 5 if you like my stuff too k. Welcome to SYM...Stay real
{ 02-13-2012 20:10 }
"Your Love Surrounds Me" Thank u for hearin' + feelin' my music...
Marshall Anderson
{ 01-13-2012 23:53 }
Great production all the way around. Loved it. 5, best of luck, Marshall
{ 12-17-2011 08:34 }
Great music and vox, hi 5 and the best of luck. Lynn
mental Invasion
{ 12-09-2011 17:37 }
5 very nice music i enjoyed it great vocals and style keep it up
Trevor James
{ 12-06-2011 04:50 }
great sound - keep it going - let me be the first to give you a 5 star rating - all the best
{ 12-05-2011 16:33 }
Today I share my sound with you...