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Mistah Write

[HipHop, Reggae, Rap]

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Emcee, Producer, and Computa Buddha... I have been making hip hop music since late 2007. I'm a young soul and proud of it. Here is my official website:

My style of hip hop lyricism is conscious, positive, up-beat, and progressive. I love reggae music, and my rap will tend to exhibit more qualities resembling rasta vibrations. The goal of my words are to uplift and enlighten the masses and tune them into a higher level of consciousness.
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Black Rose Entertainment
{ 04-24-2012 00:34 }
Your music is awesome! Please check out our website We just might have a promo package that suits your needs. :)
Mistah Write
{ 02-23-2012 17:23 }
Thank you all for the positive feedback! :)
Beats By Mark
{ 02-21-2012 17:10 }
5 all day
xxxxxxx says:
{ 02-19-2012 18:52 }
Give you that 5 for originality, but I would be dead if I continue, so I'm glad I quit.......A 12 step ADDICT!
mental Invasion
{ 02-19-2012 11:37 }
Yo Yo yo music dope my guy 5 off top boss keep grindin
Freddie Flames
{ 02-19-2012 04:38 }
that joint is hot. I feel you cuz do your thing. 420 haha.