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Ray Levy

Toronto [Country Rock, Folk Rock, Blues]

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only me
  1. Feel So Good
  2. Let It R. I. P.
  4. Rickie's Dance Till Light
Artist Bio: Ray was born in Montreal Que. .ca, and at a young age moved to Winnipeg where he fell in love with country rock.

Played in several bands and gigged all over Manitoba, eastern Sask. and western Ont. but mostly weakends. while raising a family.

All of Ray Levy's songs, were – written and Produced & Arranged by him and he also included Playing of musical instruments and all vocals. Ray has only started writing songs, since Aug. 2010. never had time before. He says there is a back log of songs just waiting to surface.
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{ 03-18-2011 19:48 }
Great 5 worthy country music
mental Invasion
{ 03-12-2011 00:16 }
5 my friend Good Ol Time Music keep it coming
{ 03-10-2011 17:19 }
Hi Ray, welcome to sym. Great songs get a worthy 5 and the best of luck from Lynn