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Bergen County, NJ [Electronica, Rock & Roll, Soundtrack]

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SAL CARUSO - 'purple-ized'
  1. 00-PUTTIN ' ON THE ARMOUR-Part 1 - from the "ELECTRIC PSALMS" c.d. by SAL CARUSO (C.)2010
  2. 00-PUTTIN ' ON THE ARMOUR-Part 2 Helmet & Sword - from the "ELECTRIC PSALMS" c.d. by SAL CARUSO (C.)2010
  3. 00-PUTTIN ' ON THE ARMOUR-Part 3 Shield of Faith - from the "ELECTRIC PSALMS" c.d. by SAL CARUSO (C.)2010
  4. 01- LIBERATED LOVE - from UNSHACKLED c.d.
  5. 01- THANK YOU SONG - from "RENEWED" c.d.
  6. 02- IS IT EVER GONNA CHANGE(homage) - from UNSHACKLED c.d.
  7. 02-SUNNY DAY - Test mix
  8. 03- "DAYBREAK"morning song - for Leah (rough cut)
  9. 03- BREAKOUT! - from "RENEWED" c.d.
  10. 04- LIFES JUST TOO SHORT - from "RENEWED" c.d.
  11. 05- IT TAKES ALL KINDS #2 - from ABSTRACT & OBSCURE c.d.
  12. 06- SHE'S A SONGBIRD - from Timeless Anthems c.d.
  13. 07- MILITARY MAN - from ABSTRACT & OBSCURE c.d.
  14. 09-The WHIRRING WHEELS-by Sal Caruso from ELECTRIC PSALM's c.d.(c.)2010
  16. 11- YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! - from UNSHACKLED c.d.
  17. 12- ART #4 - from ABSTRACT & OBSCURE c.d. (c.2008)
  18. 14- LITTLE WING (Jimi Hendrix) - Performed & Arranged by SAL CARUSO
  19. 15- NOTES TO THE WYZ - from UNSHACKLED c.d.
  20. 16- SUNSET BOULEVARD - from Sunset Blvd. c.d.
  21. 17- INCITE THE SOUND #5 - from ABSTRACT & OBSCURE c.d.
  22. 18- IN BETWEEN - from UNSHACKLED c.d.
  23. 19- SEXY COOL (Radio) - from UNSHACKLED c.d.
  24. 20- WERE THE BAND - from "RENEWED" c.d.
  25. 21- LIFEWISE - from "RENEWED" c.d.
  26. 22- 3 SEASONS OF EMOTION (Sndtrk.) c.2006
  27. 23- RED GIRL from Movie Sndtrk. - Rush Junkys
  28. 24- JUST PASSING BY - Analog (hm.rec.)
  29. 25- Avant Garde MR. Stick - from ABSTRACT & OBSCURE c.d.
  30. 26- HIGH ON N.Y. - SAL CARUSO from Timeless Anthems c.d.(c.)2006 analog rec.
  31. 27- LISTEN WHAT JESUS SAYS - written by SAL CARUSO from Solar Power (by the SON)c.d.(C.)-2007
  32. 28-ZAVENTEM (Dance mix) - by Sal Caruso (c.)2009
  33. 29- "SHE SAID" Be On BEYOND (Hillary)- Political-from ABSTRACT & OBSCURE c.d.
  34. 30-SCENT SURROUND by SAL CARUSO from Electric Psalm's c.d. (c.)2009
  35. 31-EXTEMPORANEOUS Choral ELEGY - by SAL CARUSO from ELECTRIC PSALM's c.d. (c)2009
  36. 32-ELECTRON IRONICA - by SAL CARUSO from ELECTRIC PSALM's c.d.(c.)2009
  37. 33-SOUL SCULPTURE-by SAL CARUSO -rough mix(c.)2010
  38. 34-VO-CODA KATE - by SAL CARUSO - rough mix (c.)2010
  39. 35-The DANCE OF LIFE (Surface Scratch)-by SAL CARUSO - Final mix (c.)2010
  40. 36-LIVING PULSE ( In the Fields of SETI )-by Sal Caruso (c.) 2010
[bSal Caruso/bio

Salvatore Caruso, born and raised in Hackensack, NJ, has been playing guitar since his early teens in one band or another. During the 80s, his songwriting skills and impressive playing chops found their way onto several tracks coming from independent record labels. These same tracks garnered a fair amount of airplay and climbed to high positions on the Indy charts of the era, including massive exposure on New York City’s Z100 [WHTZ-FM] hit radio with “Stop Playing with My Heart”.

Sal has worked with noted New York Hip Hop and House Music producer Ken Cedar in composing, arranging, performing and recording acts Such as Jon Camano and other area artists.

In the new millennium, he teamed up with long-time friend and bass player Emanuel David to write, arrange, perform and record original music for the Indy film “Rush Junkys” a film about bored and disaffected rich kids who race their fancy cars around the rural roads of New Jersey.

Sal’s experience in the trenches of the NYC club and hot-spot scene includes performances at the legendary CBGBs on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, as well as taking to the stage at places such as The Bitter End, S.N.A.F.U., Kenny’s Castaways and other, innumerable locations in the in the NY-NJ circuit.

Sal has also been extremely prolific with his own recording, having mastered the art of DIY multi-tracking, first with a TEAC four-track, and then moving on to MIDI work-stations and other digital media. Sal’s unique style of composition and playing has earned him the attention of studios in the area where he gets the chance to work as a session guitarist for up-and-coming artists. He is a master of many idioms, including Rock, Country, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Classical, Alternative, Punk, Pop and Progressive genres. His musical vocabulary is extensive and formidable. He is now working with David on writing, arranging and producing Jaded Soul’s first album, as yet untitled.][/color]
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{ 10-11-2014 09:35 }
55555+ 55555+ Mama mia Sal! It's been a while, your great music makes me want to dance, and... viva la bella Italia, viva la bella Venezia! 55555+!
{ 10-11-2014 09:32 }
Thanks so much Sal my friend, wow, what a smoking video of yours, makes me want to tune in right away and play bass for you and the lady! Wonderful music you have, great playing! ATB! Robert
{ 08-12-2012 04:25 }
Good music!!! It is interesting to listen!!!! Beautiful game of tools!!! Thanks!!!! +5 Alexander.
{ 04-29-2011 04:25 }
Great showcase guys, hi 5 and good luck. Lynn
Ron Ouellette
{ 05-17-2010 13:21 }
nice guitar tone and style,melodic and soulful playing..5 stars
Alexa Rose Marino
{ 05-07-2010 16:04 }
Loved your sound, great guitar work. Please tell me what you think of my sound. Go Jersey!!!
{ 05-03-2010 11:29 }
Thanks my friend! 55555-55555 to your great music and your new tracks are awesome, like the rest! Superb playing, wonderful atmosphere! Keep it up! Rob
Delete says:
{ 04-10-2010 04:39 }
A real ShowCase varied and very professional, I reckon you could play any type of music. Love the soundtracks. I'll come back listen some more,.Cheers from Dave V5z
Casper AudioGhost
{ 02-23-2010 11:56 }
hey man-loving all your music-loving the variety of sound-definely feeling track 32-excellent big beat style-would love to hear some guitar riff in that-keep it up man big 5 all day casper
SKEI says:
{ 02-22-2010 08:29 }
Hey Sal!! Happy to see you're back!! 38 tracks to listen to... it's a lot!!! Here is a big 5 for all this great work!!
Luigi Cappel
{ 06-27-2009 23:11 }
Liking the groove man.
Gina G.
Gina G. says:
{ 04-21-2009 19:36 }
Loved the music,sound and vocals,liked the guitar work,really enjoyed your got a 5 from me.Hope you can check out my page.Gina G
Outsourced Morality & The Pluto Reset
{ 11-28-2008 01:06 }
Great song and guitar licks on "it takes all Kinds #2". Cool photos and sound. *****
SKEI says:
{ 09-12-2008 08:16 }
Hey Sal!! Thank YOU dear!! I need your opinion about how to re-arrange my songs, pls!! 5 for U!!!!!! xxx
{ 09-07-2008 08:17 }
Hi Sal! 5555555555 to you all day & night! Rob
Marlan says:
{ 08-23-2008 00:19 }
actually vote #17
Marlan says:
{ 08-23-2008 00:18 }
like the original artwork and photos. Great sound particularly the guitar work,vocals and lyrics. Rate it a five for vote#16
{ 08-19-2008 14:46 }
Casper AudioGhost
{ 08-16-2008 20:59 }
just wanted to add that your production and playing is top notch
Casper AudioGhost
{ 08-16-2008 20:57 }
hey y'all,thanks for checking my tunes out:)you got some groovy,funky tracks here,really cool.i voted 5:)keep having fun and rocking out casper
Tenacious says:
{ 07-31-2008 10:05 }
wow... your sounds ol' skool, but those are the type of sounds ppl somehow get really attracted to and then they start doin' research and findin otha ppl who make ol' skool and take note on how its done
DSS Music
DSS Music says:
{ 07-29-2008 15:28 }
Nice guitar sound and good variety of songs. Well done and good luck with a 5 from us to you.
"BESS" Sarah Elizabeth Beckmann
{ 06-24-2008 10:11 }
Hi Sal, thanks for the compliments I really appreciate it. Your quite talented as well! I gave you a 5
SKEI says:
{ 06-16-2008 08:21 }
Hey! Thanks so much for your comment and welcome to SYM! Wow! Your music is really good, I love it!! Good luck, 5!!!
The Bruce of Windsor Project
{ 06-13-2008 20:36 }
Totally Awesome. You are really versatile and have such a great feel. I really listened closely to your tracks posted. Real nice work ... Bravo Salvatore! Now lets go on the road! I will be in touch this week. :)
cassandra wallace
{ 06-12-2008 20:12 }
exceptional talent great vocals love what you do vote 5 wishing you always the best Cassandra God Bless
{ 06-12-2008 10:33 }
Catchy music, I like it a lot and that's my only criterium :) So I rated you 55555 right away - yee-ha! Robert, solo bass-artist, Belgium
{ 06-12-2008 00:54 }
HEY! THIS GUYS PRETTY GOOOOOOooooo....d!! got MY VOTE 5. YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! - HEY!.... Aint that 1 of your songs!!???!
Dave Roy
Dave Roy says:
{ 06-11-2008 20:45 }
Pretty good sound. A little different too. Got some good guitar work going on too. You got my vote a 5. Keep on doin what you are doing.
{ 06-11-2008 18:19 }
Air Echo Music
{ 06-11-2008 01:24 }
IS IT EVER GONNA CHANGE=My Best Love.. well beat seems little like beatles! & many good songs here! Cool Jam Heavy + Tight arranged! HappY songs Love all feel High! uV=3,+myV5A=4votes! Why? because U R Brilliant! Bless! (º.º) Love Peter
{ 06-10-2008 14:54 }
This has a great old school retro vibe to it!!!It's Great!!! Funky pics....hahah........Best of luck to ya all!!!5.............DFLIGHT
soular plexus
{ 06-10-2008 11:04 }
thats great music...really enjoyed listening to your sounds !! 5 all day
Hot Chicken
{ 06-09-2008 19:47 }
Welcome on the wwwwebbbb!!! Nice guitar playing. Well done. Our vote is #1 and it's a big 5.
j gutta az henchman
{ 06-09-2008 19:47 }
music fire much love phat 5 come check me out show spme love back