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Sara Cox

Windham, ME [Folk, Folk Rock, Americana]

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Crowded is the New Lonely
  1. The Fog
  2. Be My Man
  3. White Dress and All
Portland, Maine-based singer/songwriter Sara Cox has been singing 'her whole damn life.' As a girl in Nashville, she sang three-part harmony with her family, and began writing her first lonesome ballads on ukulele at age six. Sara's first full-length album, Arrive, [Velvet Ed Music, 2003) evidences a lifetime devotion to close listening and compassionate observation: she always finds the most captivating melody to carry a lyric, and her sharply drawn portraits of lovers and friends compel you further into the world contained within her resonant, powerful voice.

In the title track, 'Arrive,' her tone ranges from intimate confession to jubilant defiance, suggesting vulnerability while adamantly declaring independence. Backed by her guitarist/producer husband Nate Schrock, drummer Ginger Cote and multi-instrumentalist Steve Jones, and armed with a vocal style that moves from sweet falsetto to barn-burning belt with ease, Sara's debut album reveals an artist who has come into her own.

Singles from the album such as the title track, 'Hit the Wall' (radio edit) and 'Look Up' have been in regular rotation on her hometown AAA station, WCLZ, and in March, 2004, the popular syndicated Americana radio show Acoustic CafÈ selected Sara as 'One to Watch' garnering her airplay across America and recognition by the show's sponser, USA Songwriting Competition.

Local fans voted her Portland's best female vocalist in 2003, at the same time that "Arrive" was chosen album of the year by the Portland Phoenix. Industry mags like Paste and Harp have given her favorable reviews which is a rarity for self-released projects.

Sara has played to enthusiastic audiences opening for John Hiatt, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, Stacey Earle and Suzanne Vega among others. Clearly, she is 'one to watch' and listen for. John Conquest from 3rd Coast Music says that Sara's songs are simply 'exceptional,' and fans around the country agree. Stay tuned for her second full length album, due out in spring 2005.
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Ray Barclay
{ 07-10-2011 14:06 }
Superb voice, and I especially like White Dress and All.
Bruce Dennill: Memo, Phringe, Barking Moose
Fantastic - look me up on Facebook or Twitter and let's set up an interview, if you're interested. I edit the entertainment section for a big South African paper.
Alec Steinwall
{ 07-05-2009 22:33 }
Hi Sara, Been off SYM for a while, but I'm back and re-visiting the artists I had on my favourites list. Your songs still hit me as they did when I first heard them. Really, really great music. Thanks.
Sandy Harless
{ 06-20-2009 07:34 }
Wow, great music and beautiful smooth voice! Love your stuff - best of luck with your music!
James W Barnhart
{ 12-16-2008 15:45 }
great music, great voice... I really like what I heard. Jim
Mark Savoury
{ 12-03-2008 19:55 }
Really great stuff. Keep on rockin'.
......BLACK VELVET.......
{ 10-19-2008 00:53 }
very nice vote #47 for five stars from me.. YOURFRiend Lee
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 10-18-2008 02:56 }
Very nice indeed , gotta give you a 5 vote.
Garth McKinnon
{ 10-18-2008 02:14 }
I sort of felt that,such natural tones, I really like your doubt.
the invisible fishermen
{ 10-16-2008 18:47 }
nice textures around here 5 from the fishermen check us out n return the vote peace.
djM [Promoter]
{ 10-16-2008 01:45 }
Wanted to say 'hello' and say that I was blown away by the songs. Great vocals, awesome guitar and when are you going to tour? lol. Definitely giving you a 5. Best luck! ~Come by my page and send a hello ^_^ Thanks!!
Wendy Risoli
{ 10-13-2008 23:21 }
Hey girl. Great job. Luv'n it. Keep it g oing. Gave you a 5. Come on back. Wendy risoli
The Council
{ 10-13-2008 20:00 }
Wishing you the best this thanksgiving ,keep up the great work/chazz/the&the council...
retired says:
{ 10-01-2008 18:21 }
sky's the limit if you reach far enough..keep up the good get fives from me allday...when u get tyme come check me out..thanks
The Council
{ 09-30-2008 08:41 }
As i knew, you just cant hide such wonderful talent , i have been busy with my new ,cd, will be in touch shortly/peace and fives/chazz
Steven Jackson
{ 09-29-2008 17:22 }
This sounds really great, excellent vocals and great sound. 5 of course. All the very best to you always. SJ
Huhu says:
{ 09-29-2008 11:00 }
Elohim just stoppin by your page to say that the music is really good keep up the good work alight 5 all day P.S. stop by our page and leave a comment if you like the music alight thanks Elohim
Mike Jones
{ 09-28-2008 19:18 }
Really dig your songs. Five from me, powerful melody and lyrics. God speed to your and your music. MJ
Sal Messina
{ 09-27-2008 03:34 }
Grande voce decisamente gradevole. Complimenti! Ciao sal
Broanna Leigh
{ 09-26-2008 17:12 }
you are a natural born singer, really enjoyed listening to your songs. good luck with your music future lisa x
Johnny Roastbeef
{ 09-26-2008 13:53 }
excellent songs, sara. and a great, warm voice. as a fan of bob dylan, jim croce, & cat stevens, i'd love to hera more from you. keep up the great work. 5 from JRB!
Airika Productions
{ 09-23-2008 15:55 }
Interesting work. Somewhat subdued but telling the stories. Working your way back to Nashville eh? Sounds like you'll get there. Much success!
Luigi Cappel
{ 09-20-2008 22:01 }
Love your voice and songs:)
Ron Ouellette
{ 09-19-2008 10:54 }
{ 09-18-2008 18:57 }
Hey I think you have a great deal of talent!!! I give my 5 vote because I love your voice, songs and production. Please come and check out my tracks when you can- Your Friend and Fan ZAN ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZANDERAH
Joey Lindly
{ 09-01-2008 23:59 }
MSD says:
{ 08-28-2008 16:44 }
greath voice, greath lyrics! a wel deserved fully 555555! greetings gunther
Ghosts Of Clowns
{ 08-27-2008 14:06 }
Luv your songs and vocals, keep at it. Gave you a 5. Check out 'Soundsville' let me know what you think.Adios.
Charlie Leonard
{ 08-24-2008 03:05 }
Excellent in every way. All 3 songs perfect, "White Dress And All" real good. Good production and musicians and yr voice records well. Impressive bio also. 5 Rating. All the best for yr future.
DSS Music
DSS Music says:
{ 08-21-2008 13:22 }
Great style of music and your delivery is awesome. A natural born singer. 5 from us.
{ 08-21-2008 08:34 }
Strong and moving stuff. A high 5 from me.
Marlan says:
{ 08-14-2008 00:44 }
Really like the sound. Strong expressive vocsls and lyrics. Like all three songs but "The Fog" really blew me away as a great song. Rate it a five.
Ron Wess MusaQ! ElectroniQ MUSAQ!
{ 08-13-2008 18:49 }
the sound and voice sound good and profesional of course your already on your way! i tend to check out a lot different genres and like yours,give ya 5 fo sho, get at me new track"Our Day Will Come 4 All" Enjoy! PEACELOVE&GODBLESS! RON WESS MUSAQ
S.O.E says:
{ 08-12-2008 12:19 }
I have To Say "Really Enjoyed Hearing The Music You've Made" All 3 Tracks You Have Up Have A Quality Of Purity and I Think Most Of The World Can Relate, the ones with taste anyway :) 5's all around...
Randy Davidson
{ 08-10-2008 00:31 }
Hey Sara,lovely tunes here.The real deal. I'll be back to check you out again.Leaving you with a possible full house-showing 5's...RD
Richard Murray
{ 08-09-2008 21:14 }
Very pure voice and great song writing. Enjoyed your music. 5 to you..RM
Dave Rice
Dave Rice says:
{ 08-08-2008 21:37 }
It is impossible for me to believe you have not been signed by the big labels. Remarkable vocals and darn good arrangements. Top score. Best wishes to you and yours.
Air Echo Music
{ 05-27-2008 21:34 }
March 21, 2008 visited you already, Today I take a Fancy Listen, still feel Fresh.... Good Listening!!!! Bravo for You!! (º.º) Love Peter
Faile says:
{ 05-13-2008 10:08 }
I'm new around here, just wanted to say wow, you've got a beautiful smokey kind of voice. just WOW!
The Council
{ 04-30-2008 01:50 }
As always a pure and marvelous talent to listen to/chazz
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 04-11-2008 22:28 }
By the way the Council sent me to listen to you and if you haven't heard his songs, you will very much love him too.
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 04-11-2008 22:22 }
Hi Sara, wonderful songs and I love you voice, so natural and wishing you all the best in your music. Blessing and a lot of 55555555555555555.
MoonSnake says:
{ 04-11-2008 10:45 }
Beautiful, unique voice, and I love your lyrics! Top notch, 5*****! Greetings from Switzerland!
blah says:
{ 04-08-2008 19:56 }
The Council suggested I come over and take a listen, you have a really nice voice and your songs tell true stories of life. I'm sure you have a fairly large following.
{ 04-08-2008 09:17 }
my friend the council told me to check you out. i see why. i luv ur sound. nice voice and lyrics. good melodies and powerful presentation. u have my vote. Peace!
Terminal says:
{ 04-04-2008 10:49 }
hey, been told about you by the council, checked out your stuff, its really great. you got a top rating of 5 from us:), check us out if you get the chance. Terminal
T.Mac. says:
{ 04-03-2008 13:17 }
Hi Sara,I agree with Chazz, very haunting vocals on those tracks, very well produced too!! I wish you all the very best of luck!! 5 from me!! T.Mac.
Bob & Deb Eaton
{ 03-29-2008 18:33 }
Sara, love your music! We're your 25th vote, and of course the girl from Maine gets a 5! BTW - Deb's family is from Portland, so we spent a lot of time there and at Little Sebago Lake!
Bob & Deb Eaton
{ 03-29-2008 18:31 }
Sara, love your music! We're your 25th vote, and of course the girl from Maine gets a 5! BTW - Deb's family is from Portland, so we spent a lot of time there and at Little Sebago Lake!
Michael Phillips
{ 03-28-2008 09:41 }
5 from me amazing music . I love your voice and words. thanks Mike
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 03-23-2008 12:52 }
Beautiful in every way! Awesome for sure, you were right, Chazz. Many 5555's Dee Jay
Anne Gomez
{ 03-23-2008 10:52 }
Wow Sara,I was totally enthralled with your lyrics and the versatility of your vocals came as a pleasant surprise....FAB,Cheers, Anne Gomez
{ 03-23-2008 08:39 }
Hi Sara, here's a big 55555 from Rob, Belgium xxx
Ron Wess MusaQ! ElectroniQ MUSAQ!
{ 03-22-2008 14:25 }
hey wasup, how are ya. nice sound you have,keep rockin gave you 5 for sure. check me out got 2 new tracks "SpeedRacer 08" and Alicia Keys Tech Remix of "No One" Enjoy! PEACELOVE&GODBLESS! RON WESS
Air Echo Music
{ 03-21-2008 23:16 }
HappyEaster Sara there's a crazymanChazz calls me in! Wow he's right, SoComforatble SoPeace So Beautiful music here! Send more 4 Us 2 enjoy pls! Love Ya Vocal+Lyrics! uV=18,+myV5A=19votes! God Bless U+UrFamily! All Best Wishes 2 You! (º.º) Love Peter
The Council
{ 03-21-2008 21:41 }
I truly urge anyone who takes the time to listen to this lady,s music will not be dissapointed and also urge that you help spread the word , baffled that your not on page one , even if you dont push this site, hahahaha, your in awe guy /chazz/555555,s
Red says:
{ 01-30-2008 15:32 }
Hey Sara Red here again.listen to my song"let it go".Its a good song.Maybe you could put a harmonyover it oreven do the song yourself.Your band could nail it.Definite slide guitar there. Give it a try. Change key ?. Call me Red
Redbox says:
{ 01-16-2008 15:32 }
your songwriting is impeccable;rb
Boudicca says:
{ 12-17-2007 11:04 }
When the council guy says theres talent there he,s bang on right,what a range ,you deserve more,merry christmas.boudica
The Council
{ 11-21-2007 21:50 }
I f there is true natural talent you are it , i urge other listeners to tell others what a wonderful talent is on this showcase/chazz/ as always a five/peace
{ 11-15-2007 17:37 }
hay i think your voice is great, love your tunes give you a five. Check my weird stuff out
Red says:
{ 10-24-2007 02:51 }
3 cd's
Red says:
{ 10-24-2007 00:39 }
Apologies you already have 2 cd's out that are totally awesome. This 2nd CD is hot! You got that get ya in your songs. Gut wrenching! Do you write them mostly on own or collaborate. Are you ever playing toronto!!
Cape for the Bat
{ 10-23-2007 18:17 }
Great songs collection you draw on complete! Nicely to hear the way you sung. Hilight Top! Great Vibes. Rate (5) for that serials/leadsongs! Be blessed to the top!
Red says:
{ 10-22-2007 23:10 }
ok sara time to put out another hit tune. Im still luvin busted sympathy you should ask sheryl crowe to cover it. Serious.Put something out ...Red
The Council
{ 10-05-2007 17:58 }
Instead of taking a day off , the talent gods made sarah and were thankfull they did,fantastic to hear you again /five for you/chazz
Red says:
{ 10-02-2007 23:44 }
I am total fan. Lovin Busted. Fucking great chord changes, they tell a srory themselves.Give me suggestions i want to write like you.
Wendy Risoli
{ 09-28-2007 19:59 }
HI Sara. I love it all. Nice. Come see me ok? Wendy Risoli
Weekley Weed
{ 09-25-2007 10:36 }
Wow! I like this stuff. You've got great talent. I'm listening right now at my desk. Thanks for the tunes.
SYM says:
{ 09-25-2007 10:03 }
good music all round. 555 peace
{ 09-22-2007 04:27 }
i really enjoyed your page and your singing. i love lyrics to your songs. my favorite song was Busted sympathy.come check me out as well. all the luck to you. you be easy
{ 09-19-2007 21:35 }
this place is full of talent. I am really impressed. What a good job, baby!!! i like the guitars. And your voice is so pleasant. i'm gonna add you to my favorites. and take a great five. j. Speedy
Patty Bear
{ 09-18-2007 10:48 }
hello sara. thank you for your message. a litllehug. patty
Nine Inch Nathan
{ 09-18-2007 09:30 }
great stuff ! i like ' i in team ' honest and pretty and you have a lovely voice and style ... country mile 5 :)
cronus says:
{ 09-18-2007 00:22 }
BRAVO!!!take 5!!!
Patty Bear
{ 09-17-2007 16:25 }
Hola sara te he dado 5. felicitaciones. patty bear
Red says:
{ 09-15-2007 01:22 }
youve definitely got it. Great voice great songs . 5 plus. you will sell many songs in the future for sure. Enjoyed every track. Give me a listen and critique. Only a matter of time. Keep going girl
Alec Steinwall
{ 09-14-2007 16:45 }
Sara, When the council says come check someone out - I'll be running to listen. You are a TALENT that shines bright. I know you're destined to be heard by a very wide audience. I love your voice and songs - Best of luck, Alec
The Council
{ 09-14-2007 12:38 }
When you have artists like jimmy cephron telling you your great ,you can rest assured he,s right and looking down your roster everyone else knows too, lots of luck sara/chazz
Joe wazzup
{ 09-13-2007 23:38 }
I really liked" In team>" I gave you a five for the great voice and songwriting. From the other end of the westcoast
{ 09-13-2007 12:42 }
just me
just me says:
{ 09-13-2007 03:12 }
Sara, just listened to your music, you are unbeleivable, i love everything about you and if i were a music manager id sign you up in a second. keep churning out those hits and let me know as you do. gave you a 5... Cheers Craig
Jimmy Cempron
{ 09-13-2007 01:53 }
Sara!Yes,Chazz/The Council,wrote me to check you out and he is right!You are such a great talent!Superb songwriting skills and great voice!Keep creating,coz success is on your way!PEACE...jim
Young Jims
{ 09-13-2007 00:48 }
good music I gave you a 5 Vote#5...come check out my showcase sym Friend and let me kno wat u think about my music and dnt neva forget to rate the talent you listen to........Young Jims
Soljah Sick aka Neezy
{ 09-12-2007 22:20 }
The Country Connection Band
{ 09-12-2007 21:31 }
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 09-12-2007 21:29 }
Got my R E S P E C T, real musik has no boundaries, all my support, 5, H I T back
The Council
{ 09-12-2007 20:02 }
Sara mark my words you have talent galore and when i hear it i know it ,you are my favorite artist this week and i am going to burn my fingers getting people to hear you. chazz/the council