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Chris Sebby

Savannah, GA [Alt. Rock, Rock, Prog Rock]

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At work
"SKURF" Hosted By Chris Sebby,
I Play one of a kind all originals. Ungenreable newschool sounds featuring a diverse selection of music written and performed by a select few artists. Produced By Chris Sebby Featuring Billy Perry From "Armadildo", label as well as a feature performance by Cal Pollard and a few with writer Hunter Dasten. Most songs on this site are from solo albums by Chris Sebby. A few electronic songs were co-written with Hunter Dasten under a side project alias "Ikarus Burns".
I am currently performing as a solo singer/songwriter/artist/digital recording producer for my independant label "Skurf Productions", But I am always down to collaborate with any artists, any genre. Most of the music is a coordination of originals and jams By Chris Sebby and Billy Perry.
The majority of these songs were written during very tough trying times, some well orchestrated, some spontaneously created and recorded. These tracks are slightly emo and dark. Mostly all tracks were one- take recordings. WOW!
For the true overall feel of "SKURF",there are another 8 to 10 finished tracks not yet recorded or posted By Chris Sebby(solo artist)and more in the works. They really rock the true feel of SKURF so please don't be fooled or stereotypically critical of these tracks as some are from the past so to speak.

P.S. props to Billy,Hunter, and Cal for their help in making this happen.

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I am dying itching to get my new songs burnt!!! I have a whole album,
a dozen songs, in waiting.
I just don't have anything to record on right now.
I am at the point that
I just need to get them burnt so I can really focus on a new batch.

One album at a time, I am patient but life is short.

I've decided I'm givin' 5's or nothin'at all!

PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO RATE ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/color]


"The Dragon (Remix)" -
"Dragon" is a compilation of two
seperate songs fused together.
The original songs were
"Reeper" and "Eight Hour Song".
It was later remixed by my close friend John.

"9 Hour Song" -
This was nine minute freestyle jam
done in one take.
It features crazy vocal effects
that can't ever be duplicated
I'll never tell.
Billy and I elaborated on this
to make it the forever lasting
composition that it is now.

"Beautiful Perfection" -
The name says it all.
Each element of this song is a
masterpiece orchestrated and
performed by me as a solo artist.

"Crazy" -
Appropriately named, "Crazy" is about killing motherfuckas!
Billy and I did this on a spur,
in one take!

"Every Time (Society Propaganda)" -
This one was a stress reliever
about the everyday bullshit
thrown at you while your
life passes by.

"Fly Through the Sun" -
It is a feeling you get
when you play like you could
just fly through the sun.
This song was the first
Billy and I recorded together.
The vocals I adlibbed on the first take.
I had only heard the song once before.
The instrumentation was all Billy's creation.
This was what made us realize we clicked musically.

"Sharky" -
All Billy!!, this song is about a
imaginary dog who drown at the beach.
(This may have been metaphorically
inspired by me)
Since I almost drown Billy by
dragging him with, paddling out
in some rough hurricane surf!
He'd stayed up all night working on a trippy
song called, "fun" ,drinking beer.
Ironically, I'd written "Hurricane"
a few days prior (same storm).

"Prozac" -
All me!! This Bomb is sort of a tribute
to, "baby mama drama" ,billy named it "prozac".
Features awsome special effects
once again I'll never tell.

"Anything You Want"
This piano rock meets drum and bass conversion was written in collaboration with artist/producer:Hunter Dasten under an electronic act Alias "Ikarus Burns"
The majority of live shows were performed at "The Wormhole Venue".

tell about the rest later.......
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{ 07-14-2017 14:38 }
5 fat 5s to you!
Over the Ocean
{ 07-02-2014 11:20 }
Beautifull music. Love it. 5555********
Sean Achilleos / Singer Songwriter Painter & Poet
Very unique sound...well done*****stars
{ 09-15-2013 05:54 }
5!!!!! Good Stuff indeed!
{ 09-15-2013 05:54 }
5!!!!! Good Stuff indeed!
Death Industry
{ 05-15-2013 12:16 }
Gave you 5, keep it going, you got a sound of your own, check out my profile
Jenny Tate
{ 03-30-2013 22:53 }
I gave you 5 stars!!! xo Jenny
Darius Coleman
{ 03-25-2013 19:32 }
Hi, I\'m Darius Coleman & I wanted to introduce myself & invite you to take a listen to my music. I would love to hear your thoughts!! Thanx
D says:
{ 03-23-2013 19:41 }
{ 03-02-2013 18:14 }
Marshall Anderson
{ 03-01-2013 20:08 }
Hi, and thanks for vote. 5 from me. It\'s a pleasure to give a 5 and really mean it. Great musianship. good luck.
J.F.T.U. says:
{ 02-23-2013 17:06 }
I came back to listen some more. You are really talented. I messeged you my # :) call and lmk if you ever come to San Diego ...bye ;)
Air Echo Music
{ 02-13-2013 00:36 }
HiChris! V r having ChinaNewYr holidays! D yr of dragon just passed &this d yr of Snake!Wish Ugoodluck all d yround! Still luv urgreatsound verymuch!UrCmpter hng out? u shot5machine gunbulletstowardhere dat ok,Glad2pickup4of em glad uvent4got oldfrnd
J.F.T.U. says:
{ 02-11-2013 16:17 }
Hot Stuff! definitely my favorite on here so far
DJ Jabbawokee
{ 11-25-2012 20:44 }
{ 11-24-2012 15:14 }
nice vibe, im diggn da concepts behind da much pointless music out there..good luck..ONE FLAGG
Stolen Rhodes
{ 11-23-2012 03:26 }
Love Your music... Great Job...
Ste2me says:
{ 11-22-2012 07:46 }
5 star showcase, like your style, keep them coming :)
Kicking Saturday
{ 11-19-2012 15:23 }
Smiiffy says:
{ 11-05-2012 11:22 }
i had to drop you a 5 man! well done keep it up and come check me out let me know what you think of my music?
Magadino The Chemist
{ 10-14-2012 20:00 }
I love working with live instruments..
Magadino The Chemist
{ 10-14-2012 19:59 }
kool sound, hot tracks.. gave u a 5 check me out and let me know what u think... holla back so that we could colab
Le Mystique
{ 10-10-2012 15:55 }
Love \"Anything you want\" Great concept, awesome music in an excellent groove!
Noise Proves Nothing
{ 10-05-2012 19:08 }
Thanks for the kind words, and i dig your sound as well. ya get a 5 from me.
The Healing Project
{ 09-30-2012 15:06 }
Thank you for the 5! Same to you! Love Back to the Bottle and Prozac!
paul witherington
{ 09-30-2012 06:59 }
Thanks chris we all seem to be giving each oyher fives so its five from me. I like your material, ill listen to some more
Phil Taylor - Songwriter
{ 09-29-2012 14:37 }
Great tracks.5\'s all the way
Stone Gate Band
{ 09-22-2012 09:50 }
Great Music, Thanks 5 from Stone Gate Band.
{ 09-09-2012 13:17 }
Ima fan
mental Invasion
{ 09-05-2012 07:10 }
Great music gret syle great vidz keep t up dig it 5
{ 09-04-2012 15:45 }
Sounds different :) which is always good...
Rebels For Music & Business Promotion
{ 09-01-2012 22:19 }
We like the Love Of My Life track. Send us the song, and we\\\'ll put it on our SHOW. Check out who is on our SHOW now. We will get additional bio info later. 5 from us.
Natahlie says:
{ 09-01-2012 16:19 }
Thank you :)
{ 08-29-2012 01:16 }
It\'s cool!!! From me 5!!! Thanks!!! Alexander.
benj says:
{ 08-28-2012 13:20 }
very original liking the mix 5* from me.
Natahlie says:
{ 08-24-2012 18:13 }
Excellent! Thank you for your comments and listening. Take care.:)
PlecBeatz says:
{ 08-23-2012 12:45 }
Thankx for your Comment... 5 Stars 4 you :o)
Ryan Seasecret
{ 08-18-2012 14:03 }
Wow Genuine talent you have here and I like how you mix it up.. 5555\'s for sure!!!!
Dash Too
Dash Too says:
{ 07-18-2012 22:28 }
Anything U want A coooL vibe ; Re 5 for v 127 ;
Gasc@t says:
{ 07-12-2012 16:51 }
Thank you Sir, stay original.
Gasc@t says:
{ 07-12-2012 14:22 }
I like your style
Fust. says:
{ 07-11-2012 13:50 }
Added an alt rock song just for you, sir. Smashing tunes, you\'re onto something my friend! Don\'t be a stranger.
hioob says:
{ 07-10-2012 05:03 }
Topping ideas, now creative people face each other seldom so, greetings from poland; )
{ 07-07-2012 15:51 }
5 from me sebby #respect, [please check me out and return the fav.
kezie says:
{ 06-03-2012 21:03 }
awesome 5 stars from me ;-)
{ 03-22-2012 03:25 }
nice melody leading into..
Helder Rock
{ 03-18-2012 14:53 }
5 stars 'cos I can't give 20...
AngieJean says:
{ 03-14-2012 07:30 }
Brilliant :) im new here... you got my first ever vote :) x
Tracey Matthews
{ 03-07-2012 03:27 }
5's from me! Keep it up x
Milani says:
{ 02-22-2012 03:21 }
Thank u for your vote. U got 5 from me. Great work sweetie
Cein says:
{ 02-17-2012 04:47 }
Nice. thank you for my 5 stars.. your music is awesome. :)
Leaf James
{ 02-17-2012 01:18 }
Hey Thanks Bro! I do like! Leaf man can dig it!
{ 02-17-2012 00:59 }
5 for you too, very original and wonderful. Keep in touch I am on twitter @KSandraTweetz. You should do a remix of my song..
{ 02-17-2012 00:59 }
5 for you too, very original and wonderful. Keep in touch I am on twitter @KSandraTweetz. You should do a remix of my song..
{ 02-17-2012 00:59 }
5 for you too, very original and wonderful. Keep in touch I am on twitter @KSandraTweetz. You should do a remix of my song..
Bob & Deb Eaton
{ 01-10-2012 23:03 }
Very original and creative songs and sounds. I enjoyed your showcase! 5 from me for your #111 vote. -Bob
daniel albury/7beatstreet/HeAdPhOnE Rock!!
Air Echo Music
{ 12-31-2011 23:35 }
2012 HaPpY New YeaR! Wish U All the Best! Bless! Love Peter
kezie says:
{ 12-27-2011 12:55 }
big 5 from me,you have a great unique sound which is brilliant
Peter Britt
{ 12-03-2011 13:31 }
Thanks for stopping by my page. Gave you a 5. Very progressive an innovative sound, great work. Peter Britt
Charlie Leonard
{ 12-03-2011 00:22 }
Good songs!
Air Echo Music
{ 12-02-2011 23:10 }
Hello Chris, U always have so many musical ideas. Waiting for ur new songs to come out. Keep in touch. God Bless U All. Love Peter
mental Invasion
{ 12-02-2011 21:15 }
5 im a supporter i like your production style and vocals very og to me
ventem says:
{ 11-26-2011 16:36 }
Good job :)
{ 11-26-2011 14:30 }
WOW!!! Great stuff Chris :-)
Series 70
Series 70 says:
{ 11-21-2011 23:21 }
You score a 5 easy. You get great sounds out of your guitar and every song is practically its own genre. Very different, keep it up, your creating fusion of the future!
Trevor James
{ 11-21-2011 23:18 }
nice showcase - very original - great songs - top marks from me
Christyne Makita
{ 11-12-2011 21:21 }
Fantastic music! Love your art on every level! So creative! Sorry I took such a long time to reply, thank you for your lovely comments on my stuff too! :)
Paul Germana
{ 10-26-2011 12:55 }
Nice vid Chris. ( Hour Song is cool as well. Nice flange you got there.
Kicking Saturday
{ 10-16-2011 22:08 }
cool hi 5
Liesa Clark
{ 09-19-2011 05:20 }
Thanks for your comment. I really like your 'Savannah Blues'. 5:)
Adore says:
{ 08-22-2011 18:38 }
so much passion 5555555555555555
{ 08-22-2011 17:22 }
nice tunes man i wanna play electric 5555555555555555
{ 08-18-2011 22:33 }
Woaw you got lots of Great Songs Give you 5 stars for it(vot n° 97) Hope you'll enjoy too my tracks Keep rocking with Feelings
{ 08-09-2011 13:54 }
Hi Chris, 55555 from me! Rob, Belgium
Seija says:
{ 08-09-2011 08:26 }
Thanks for the visit! Enjoyed your intriguing list of tracks. Best Wishes! -DJseija
{ 08-09-2011 07:15 }
{ 08-09-2011 07:02 }
nice tracks,and keep up the good work thanks for your comments. my albums are selling well but took me time to get things right.
{ 08-06-2011 02:46 }
Hey friend, love your tracks. Keep it up. 5 stars for you from A&P, I&SON
{ 08-04-2011 04:23 }
chris hi' just checked in' well done nice work's from you, endless 5555'S all the best chris will pop in again soon' ATILA
{ 07-29-2011 22:36 }
94th Vote for a Bog 5. Good listenin' to ya'
Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome
{ 07-29-2011 15:24 }
Hi Chris, Thank you for your comment! Your Showcase sounds really interesting on the more "soudtrack-like" songs such as: 1.Anything You Want. 8.Darkness x8. I think you have something there. So Im "hitting you back" with a 5
Kristen Faulconer
{ 07-29-2011 14:36 }
Chris, Thank you for stopping by my page and checking out my music. I appreciate the vote and I voted for you as well. XoXo Kristen
{ 07-29-2011 08:00 }
Great showcase Chris, keep up the good work...really like "Anything you want" Hi 5 and the best of luck from Lynn
Air Echo Music
{ 07-28-2011 21:35 }
Hello Chris, always love ur mysterious musical style! Great arrangement. And the videos are brilliant, the beat totally match the music. (Anything You Want) love best! Wish U All the Best to U + Ur Family! God Bless U All! Love Peter
Bill Lubera
{ 07-28-2011 20:33 }
Cool stuff!
Leap Into Space
{ 07-28-2011 18:38 }
Thanks for your comment! What a huge showcase you guys got, almost endless:).I like your sound.5+
Leeah D
Leeah D says:
{ 04-24-2011 14:16 }
5's from me
Air Echo Music
{ 10-14-2010 21:47 }
O My God,,, U wrote in there? .... Hello How R U!!! Love Peter
Air Echo Music
{ 06-23-2010 19:08 }
Hey man, Ur Sounds are Great Too!!! Wish ur band Be Hot in All Concerts!! God Bless U!! Love Peter
Air Echo Music
{ 06-08-2010 20:13 }
(Anything You Want) Very Cool writing!!! Variety Arrangement!! BRILLIANT WORK!! God Bless U!! Love Peter
Air Echo Music
{ 12-20-2009 01:37 }
Hello Chris How R U!! Merry Christmas & HaPpY NeW YeaR!! Wish You & Your Family All the Best!!! Wish You All Good Health & Good Luck!! God Bless You All!! (º.º) Love Peter
Scarlet Begonia
Scarlet Begonia says:
{ 10-18-2009 19:41 }
Keep it coming!!!
Scarlet Begonia
Scarlet Begonia says:
{ 10-18-2009 19:41 }
Keep it coming!!!
Gwendols Honey
Gwendols Honey says:
{ 10-18-2009 19:25 }
I think your musix roxx!! Gave you a 5 for sure!
Wendy Risoli
{ 09-12-2009 11:57 }
Hello Chris. I'm #92. Nice job. Love your productions. Very Unique, one of a kind sound. 5 for you. Wendy Risoli
Rosty Silverside
{ 09-09-2009 08:35 }
WoW. Cool songs man. Love the style, plus I'm not very familiar with anything like that so great job for originality. Keep it up!!
Sean Achilleos / Singer Songwriter
{ 08-29-2009 06:09 }
You have the look & the sound - take 5
Eulalia says:
{ 08-29-2009 05:33 }
U got it! 5
Maurice DAoust
{ 08-28-2009 22:31 }
Very "now" sound. Five from me. Good luck!