Spokin Word Ent

[HipHop, Underground, Urban]

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Spokin Word Ent.
  1. Fable..ft. D Sims
  2. (blank)
  3. Cool Shit by DSIMMS
  4. Lights Camera Action Fable ft.. D Sims
  5. No Makeup
  6. Po ME Up
  7. Rain
Spokin Word Ent powered by Island Def Jam. Founded by Jay \"G.A.\" McCallister and Cam Nelson. Based formerly out of Pensacola Florida now running out of Houston, TX. An up and coming label featuring some hot up and coming talent. Such as \"Fable\" (current mixtape Road Less Chose\" and ft D Simms on the hot new single No Make Up. Be on the look out for the new compilation album \"Underground Heat\" with production from Roy Jones Jr own Body Head Entertainment producer Tim Fingaz with features from Big Sipp of the \"Paper Chaser\" Dallas from 5th Fleet/Def Jam and many more.
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Ghetto Governor
{ 08-15-2014 00:13 }
Spokin Word Ent
{ 08-11-2014 19:09 }
Check out the single Cool Shit by DSimms!! S-W-E is back!!!
Yami Lee
Yami Lee says:
{ 11-26-2012 08:27 }
Hi, Yes I am very interested in doing a Hook for you. Nice music by the way. Yami...sorry for the late response, I have been traveling.
Andreea Ignat
{ 08-31-2012 15:39 }
Hey intersting song\'s . Keep rullz.
{ 07-09-2012 08:04 }
Want some more! I am nodding & feel a calming vibe, u get sum ***** from me. Show luv back
mental Invasion
{ 06-14-2012 09:00 }
5 the music is cool as a polar bear toe nail keep the grind up
L.I.L Pooh
{ 06-12-2012 18:43 }
NICE SHIT!!! Appreciate da love homie! hit me 210-689-8275-L.I.L Pooh
J. Spence
J. Spence says:
{ 06-07-2012 20:21 }
wuz up this lokey thanks for the love holla at me 2147459669
Dank Sinatra@Npursuit Music Magazine..
{ 06-07-2012 14:51 }
smooth player shit loving the trax hit ya boy bak
Weez says:
{ 06-05-2012 17:35 }
Right on for stopping through and showing love ya music on point we can most def colab on something just let me know when you ready
Natahlie says:
{ 06-03-2012 20:52 }
Original and smooth grooves. I like your style. No Makeup is fresh and classic! I love it. :) Much respect and love for ya talent. Peace!
dj xb42crew boy
{ 06-03-2012 15:26 }
just listened to your music its cool keep doing your thing i voted for you as well ... would like if you come and listen 2 my music and vote for me :) leave a comment as well
{ 06-03-2012 13:21 }
I'm intrested holla at me
Khaotik Black
{ 06-03-2012 12:46 }
I like ya music bruh, we need ta do a collab!!!
Tracey Matthews
{ 06-03-2012 12:00 }
Thank you so much for checking me out, you also have some great tracks, would love to get more original music out there x
Sam Rawsteen
{ 06-03-2012 05:01 }
Aw yeah hit yall wit dat first 5......Keep'em comin....RAW
Sam Rawsteen
{ 06-03-2012 05:00 }
Preciate Ya Comin Thru Check Me Out And preciate The Comments Fam I Do All The Work Myself As Well.....Raw Check out my production page on here search BeatsBySamRawsteen.....Take it easy.........RAW
YoungCazz says:
{ 06-03-2012 04:53 }
hey i just checked out your page and i loved yout music dude... if there is by any chance you could come listen to my music... i promise you wont be disappointed and id like for you to give some musical suggestions thank you!!!