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James Wise

SOUTH DAYTONA BEACH, FL [Funk, Country Rock, Gospel]

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James Wise
James Wise is a native of Wytheville, Virginia and now resides in South Daytona Beach, Florida. The James Wise and Company was established in Roanoke, VA in, 1980. Mr. Wise decided to go solo after having a very successful 9-year run with the duo act.During this time James Wise & Companyā€¯ performed in the Roanoke area, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, and in a hotel circuit in northern Pennsylvania.

James brings excellent entertainment and fun to all, wherever he performs. His selections of songs and "in your face" personality has brought him wide acclaim in the venues where he has performed. His musical styling is widely diversified and his repertoire is tremendous!! James appeals to all ages. James attributes his musical success mainly to his vocal abilities!! All(some)songs in my showcase are songs that he re-recorded and did all the instrumentation himself. (lol) [code]My Showcase
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Bruce Riley
{ 02-02-2013 01:22 }
You put me back at the Island. Keep up the good work. 5555\'s for your rate.
DRel And HisMusic
{ 06-20-2011 14:16 }
Vote#18 From DRel Your A Real Vocalist Keep Doing U Yo New Fan DRel 5555555555 All Day
{ 06-12-2011 07:34 }
Great songs, nice vocals, keep up the good work. Hi 5 and good luck. Lynn