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The Optimum Pleasure

Detroit, MI [Electronica]

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5 Rating | 9 Votes | 4042 Views |
E.P. coming in 2014
  1. Fallen Mech (2014)
  2. Like a million miles an hour (2007)
  3. Silver six recon craft (2007)
The Optimum Pleasure is an Electronica project that started in 2003 but was put on hiatus for several years. The project has since been revived after the new single was released in summer 2014 (Fallen Mech) an E.P. is expected for Fall 2014.
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YuR dAsY
YuR dAsY says:
{ 11-14-2007 02:40 }
Very good. 5.
Eric Romine
{ 10-22-2007 12:54 }
Great music I really like 'Ace our Hero!'. Keep up the great work.
cyprussphil / anarchy from tha uk...
{ 10-20-2007 07:08 }
yo yo, nice trax dude! very smokey stuff! chilled me to the core!! hehehe! exellent production work pays off as it sounds just right at this end! great blend of styles works real well! nice, peace n luv from england.
Alan L
Alan L says:
{ 10-14-2007 21:57 }
we've got to keep put this electro-sound on the map.You sound good.5555 from me,youngman. Come see what I'm doing an Vote,Please,I think it helps. Thanx
RE says:
{ 10-14-2007 08:37 }
This stuff is seriously awesome, from the first second of Just in TIme I loved your sound. Good atmospheric stuff, have a 5!
Ceremony House
{ 10-12-2007 07:10 }
Hi, My album came out on 28/09/2007 in south africa, please buy my album i need ur support and tell others over there. Rate again (5)
Josh Bryan
{ 10-11-2007 18:11 }
Your music is very smooth and ethereal. I like it.
{ 10-11-2007 16:47 }
He your music is to eases correctly beautifully suitably wants still more to have of your Music.And gives you 5
Young Jims
{ 10-11-2007 16:06 }
you doiin ya thang ova here 4 sure good music all day I hit you wit a 5 Vote#2 come check out my spot and rate bak wen u get a chance
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 10-11-2007 15:41 }
just showin my R E S P E C T, real musik holds no boundaries, got my S U P P O R T, 5, h i tbak