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Ottawa [Vocalist, Singer, Folk]

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Hello! Welcome to my web page. I've set up this site to showcase my dabbling in multi-track recording, mostly done in the studio of my good friend George Parkanyi, whose original music you can hear also on Showcase under the name oksy moron.

All of my recordings are covers of George's original music unless otherwise noted as an arrangement or cover.

If you are an Ottawa performer or group looking for a backup singer, please leave me your contact info, since I am always interested in performing harmony.

1. GTSLB is my take on the Sirens song from the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?
2. SS is a duet with George, our homage to Frank and Nancy
3,4,6,8. CWY, Min, NR, BTWM and TTTSA are all original songs by George. The last two were debuted live by Carlsbad Junction at the Lone Star on Dec.8, 2011.
5. TWMA is my own arrangement of this WWI song with George's original guitar accompaniment.
7. AML - Cover with CJ at the Lone Star
9. Also live at the Lone Star. Summertime is a CJ arrangement of this classic tune, putting our own "Moondance" spin on it. Rock Around The Clock (Cover) immediately follows - I actually think it's pretty awful, but I didn't have the software to edit the MP3 and I wanted to post Summertime ;)
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Natahlie says:
{ 10-22-2012 19:43 }
I enjoy the vocals and peaceful music. I enjoy the tranquil melodies too. May you be blessed in all your music pursuits. God Bless:).
Oldies but Goldies
{ 09-06-2012 19:49 }
Beautiful! Fantastic harmonies. A solid 5 from me. Oldie
{ 09-06-2012 05:29 }
55555 to you from Rob, Belgium
Oksy Moron
{ 08-25-2012 18:46 }
Nice kick-off, Ad. Let\'s keep building it. Cheers, George ;)
mental Invasion
{ 08-01-2012 00:46 }
Beautiful lady great music great voice keep it up i support it 5