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Aimie Page

St.Catharines [Country, Country Rock, Americana]

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Aimie Page
  1. Till I found you
  2. When I grow old
  3. You're not mine to love anymore
Aimie Page is a singer/songwriter from the Niagara Region. She is an aspiring Country artist, whose passion for music has continuously fueled her exploration of various musical styles/genres. She names Sheryl Crow, Norah Jones, Johnny Cash and Miranda Lambert as some of her major musical influences, admiring each for the way they stand out and stay true to themselves in music as well as in life.
In Aimie's words:
"Music is my passion...It's the way i express myself- my feelings, my thoughts, my observations of life around me--its my outlet, my muse, my love--listening to, writing, creatin', singing, guitar pickin', piano plunkin'--it makes me endlessly and blissfully happy-- even sad songs can draw out an emotional reaction that can be very liberating!!! I try to write music that people can relate to, music that is "real-life"--sometimes life is happy, sometimes its sad; sometimes you get betrayed, sometimes you are the betrayer; sometimes you feel strong and joyful, sometimes you feel weak and broken; then there are the sappy love songs that tug at the heart strings, that even if you are not in love, you picture yourself singing them to or dancing to them with a future love down the road (LOL--thats what i do!!!LOL)..."

Aimie just finished a project with Producer Dean Malton, which showcases 3 new songs. Check em out ;)
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Denny Johnson
{ 02-22-2012 22:43 }
Nice cross-over between Country & Americana. Was a good listen- keep it coming. Denny.
{ 06-22-2011 18:12 }
Hi, enjoyed all three of your songs,great, relaxed singing.Hope to hear more Aimie.Till I found you is very catchy and love the pedal steel in's a great recording in my opinion.Greetings from Scotland - Jamie.
Seija says:
{ 02-19-2011 18:03 }
Your tracks are very enjoyable to listen to! Truly great songs!! -DJseija from Portugal
Sara Lynn Wallin
{ 05-10-2010 08:26 }
Great voice and great songs! Keep on a singin and follow your dreams! 555 My very best to you and thanks for keeping it Country! Sara Lynn Wallin
Billys Songs
{ 04-29-2010 22:25 }
very impressed great singing and songs keep at it...5....billy
Maurice DAoust
{ 04-19-2010 16:53 }
Who says you have to be from Tennessee to sing great country! Great voice, great style. Good luck and a big five from me.
{ 02-24-2010 11:05 } have it all..great voice and you are one beautiful women...the total package as we say in Nashville....You should do well as long as you watch out for the sharks in this business. God Bless...XXOO
Wendy Risoli
{ 02-18-2010 17:12 }
Luv'n ya Aimee. 5. Wendy Risoli
Aimie Page
{ 02-16-2010 20:41 }
Thanks everyone for your encourgaing comments!! I really appreciate them!!!:):)
Natahlie says:
{ 02-13-2010 17:07 }
Beautiful melodies and voical ability that really complement one another. A 5!! all the way!
shaylah says:
{ 02-05-2010 20:06 }
real nice sound on here keep up the good work.
Lisa Goodale
{ 02-05-2010 14:00 }
good! like the angle on your last picture- cool here is a 5 for you, God bless
Leaf James
{ 01-27-2010 23:39 }
Robert Stefan
{ 01-27-2010 22:26 }
I really enjoyed listening,nice tunes and vocals,looking forward to hearing your latest project,best of luck to you. Hi score for you. Robert Stefan
G.H. Barnes
{ 01-25-2010 14:02 }
welcome to show case give me hit when you upload your tunes GH.