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Alex P. Taylor

West Hartford, CT [Rock, Alt. Rock, Pop-Rock]

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  1. Rich and Famous
  2. Sick
A.P.T. is currently the lead singer and lyricist for his band The Elastic Hoax.

Alex P. Taylor wrote the lyrics to his first song when he was nine, but it wouldn’t be until early summer of 2005 that he would rediscover and truly embrace his passion of songwriting. Going through some old boxes in his basement that summer, he came across a dusty folder of songs he had written as a teenager and decided to share his lyrics with a couple of his good friends.

One of those good friends, Adam Stevenson, he worked with. Adam was a guitar player and after reading through the folder, asked him, “Why aren’t you doing anything with these?” Perhaps it was fear of rejection, maybe he thought it was too late, whatever the reason, the question made Alex think again.

One terrible night a few weeks later, he would see his friend Adam, only twenty-one, for the last time. He would die of an accidental drug overdose, and it would be at his funeral that his life would change forever.

His mother, a very strong woman, gave a powerful eulogy to a church full of Adam’s peers. “Now is the time to look at your life,” she said. “Let this be a wake up call to all of you…” She stated how Adam no longer had the opportunity to follow his dreams and if there is something in your life that you have wanted to do, make it happen. Do it with Adam in mind…

That night, for the first time in ten years, he sat down and wrote the lyrics to a new song with Adam in mind. It was called "On My Floor". The next day he feverishly purchased several books about songwriting and soon after started attending music seminars to find his musical counterpart, someone that would transcribe the music to his melodies and lyrics. After going through several musicians, he would meet Jamie Sherwood of Southington, CT, who would turn out to be a perfect match to his dream.

From Adam’s death, his dreams of becoming a performing songwriter had been reborn. Through tragedy, he found light. Adam’s mother’s words had truly been his wake up call, a wake up call to follow his destiny…[/color]
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Seija says:
{ 06-06-2010 08:00 }
Great music! Fantastic showcase! Superb lyrics!! 5 Rating Approved!!! -DJseija from Portugal
Dimitris Kiklis
{ 07-22-2007 18:51 }
A big big 5 from me and congratulations!You have such a fresh and unique sound!As I write in my profile friends are the most important thing in my life!Keep playing and your dear friend will keep giving you strength to continue from up there!
Cross Road
{ 07-16-2007 15:09 }
Nice spelling huh? Great stuff man!! Rob
Cross Road
{ 07-16-2007 15:08 }
Gret stuff man! Sorry to hear about your friend!! He's looking down at you now and smiling! Keep the faith!! 54U Rob
{ 07-16-2007 10:43 }
hey you get a five i listen to all types of nmusic i thank you sound great dont stop