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The A

Anderson, SC [HipHop, Rap, Urban]

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The A
  1. It's Nothing
  2. Call me
  3. Lose it
A little about me, The A, the one you come to listen to and love. I grew up in different spots along the East Coast, Miami, Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, South Carolina. I moved around alot. Ask me where i'm from, every fuckin' where! Ha Haaa!! I been rapping since I was a little shorty. Started at the age of 8. After I heard LL Cool J's "I'm Bad", it was a wrap for me. As I grew older, I knew rapping was my thing. But in the meantime, I knew without the right connects and a deal, rapping wasn't going to pay the bills. So, I started hustling. I been in the streets from the lowest to the highest point. I've seen it all, done it all and gave my all. Hustled by any means necessary. I did a 5 year bid for some shit. But i'm back. I'm ready. I have a son and I want to make him proud. I am a focused, intelligent, lyrical artist who is dedicated to the music with a serious wordplay that rides beats like 5-0 ride streets. I have taken up north flavor and down south sway and mixed it and created my own original swag like no other! You'll see!.........
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funmige says:
{ 04-27-2011 13:28 }
yo ur beautiful so is ur boy,loving your flavour xxxbig 5 baby xx FG XX
{ 10-30-2008 18:56 }
lose it is a hot record 5s on deck check my page
{ 10-18-2008 13:42 }
you keep doin you fam! 4 from me...Did u hear my new song "Do You Right" Add it to your play list.and mix me at
S.I.C Tha V.I.P
{ 10-17-2008 19:14 }
you should check out!!Their a radio station that gives all its artist air play... I credit them for my nomination for a 2009 north carolina underground music award.... check me out s.i.c... It's free and worth you while...
negus roots
{ 10-17-2008 02:23 }
Kemar British aka Dureck
{ 10-16-2008 17:14 }
Love the sound keep the music flowing 5 all day long come check out my showcase and vote. Also keep a look out for my first album the rise of Kamar. Also check the web site and if you have the time sign the guest book.
TryMe says:
{ 10-15-2008 21:59 }
yo man im diggin it like 2 shovels thats hot get at me
Legacy The Great (Tie Breaker Entertainment)
Yo!!! Got beats? I do!!! Stop by and check me out!! BE sure to vote!!! Starting in November im giving away a beat a day to my biggest supporters!! SO stop by the page>>>VOTE>>>> and drop ya email address!! Neva know what beat i might send!! >>>Legacy>>>>
{ 10-13-2008 20:22 }
Good work come check out our page and our latest production titled "BALLIN". We hittin ya with a 5. Please comment and rate. Thnxs
YSC Entertainment
{ 10-13-2008 18:38 }
real shit hommie keep at it show some love to my page fam...
YSC Entertainment
{ 10-13-2008 18:38 }
real shit hommie keep at it show some love to my page fam...
Daniel Silvestri
{ 10-13-2008 18:28 }
5 from me man! Your electronic sound is so strange... check my showcase and tell me what u think of my shit! Daniel
S.H.O.K.A.  Mike
{ 10-13-2008 17:25 }
Nice work man u god some talent on your hands I like that song "It's Nothing" I really do come by my page and show me some love and tell me what you think about me iight peace out. Oh yea I gave u a 5 all day.
A-1 Certified
{ 10-13-2008 17:21 }
Str8 Fire!!! Welcome 2 Showcase. Vote #2 Is A 5 From Me, Please Check Us Out Sometime And Return the Vote.
Mr. Clique Rida
{ 10-13-2008 14:33 }
You ripped that track. Damn!!! 5