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Arson Wells

San Diego, CA [HipHop, Rap]

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  1. Get Ya Money
  2. Another 48 Hours
  3. Choking Villians
  4. Daily Operationz
  5. It Don't Change
I grew up in Southern Oregon as a youth. Me and my boys were wild. I had a strong group of homeboys and we ran the street like some savages. I grew up watching all my homies always in and out of jail. Two things kept me out of trouble: MONEY & HIP-HOP! Me and my boy Jewelz started rhyming around ‘91-’92 and we just focused on music. We always had our hustles, but we had bigger dreams for the future. We started a group called Sense of Direction, which eventually became Soldiers of Fortune. We soaked up early influences like Geto Boys, Ice-T, N.W.A., Above The Law, EPMD, Organized Konfusion, Digital Underground, Public Enemy, 2Pac, KRS-One & LL Cool J. That was my era. To me it won’t ever get better than that. We always gave respect to the early greats but the aforementioned was my era. Things happened and Jewelz moved to Sacramento, California while I moved to San Diego, California where most of my family lived.
In 2000 I started Mossad Music as my music publishing company and independent label. I was going by the name of the Arsonist or Unknown Arsonist. I was signed to a local label in San Diego with my boy RicaSShay. He said, “Yo, you should go by the name ARSON WELLS.” Ever since then that shit just stuck.
Now let me get down to it….I’m a Jewish born MC outta South San Diego. At least for the past eleven years. I’d like to think I keep my heritage in mind when making decisions, but this world we live in don’t cut any slack so it’s dog eat dog, and that pretty much sums up my whole mentality these days. I will live and breathe Hip-Hop music to the day that I die. My life is in my words and my therapy is the mic. If I couldn’t use my music as a release I might just lose it. I might just flip and go back to doing some of the more outlandish shit I be talking about in my rhymes. I’ve got responsibilities and I will fulfill those goals by any means necessary. If I have to roll right over you muthafuckas just to pave the way for a good future for my family and my true homies. I will. Don’t push me!
I try to come with as much conscience music as I can. The problem is all I see around me is bullshit. So all I talk about is the hood and it’s happening’s. I believe we gotta fix shit from the inside out. That means fuck pushin’ our will on all these other countries. We got our own shit to deal with. What about all these cats wit no food and shelter right up inside our borders? What about this fucked up health care system were all BARELY surviving on? Can’t we fix what’s broken within before trying to solve everybody else’s shit? Once shit starts looking better in my hood than I can start to look abroad to my peoples and really be on some freedom fighter music. Mossad Music. But for now I’m speak for all my Hustlas. My peoples on the grind. Doing what we do best.
Holla at a Hustla!
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NADDA says:
{ 03-07-2008 21:12 }
hot shot cuzzo come thru check me out one
{ 03-04-2008 14:46 }
G.Felli - Felli Fresco
{ 02-26-2008 22:25 }
What it do im diggin da music holla at cha boi n check da page iight HOLLA!!! 5'z
{ 02-25-2008 14:26 }
track is fire cuz you get a smacking 5 from us holla back one
G.O.G. says:
{ 02-24-2008 22:10 }
dats what im talkin bout keep it movin come check me out
{ 02-24-2008 19:09 }
its hot and you know u deserve a 5 keep it up and theres no stopping u
{ 02-24-2008 18:55 }
Hi, your talent is really great! You should set up a free account at and upload & sell some of your stuff there. I gave you a 5 cause you truly deserve it. Have a great day! ~Briana-Mariaah~ Check me out too!
{ 02-24-2008 14:18 }
Trigga Nard
{ 02-22-2008 11:07 }
check us out rate and i'll get back
Diego montoya
{ 02-10-2008 10:22 }
sounds nice homie luv the beats n vocals/ thats my type a shit/ peep my biz/Diego
What's Up? Check out my new single on the page called "Love U Down". Tell me how you like it, Thank you very much for your time. I produce, engineer, and write all my material. Hope to hear from you soon. If you need some beats just hit me up!
got a nice sound 5 allday, come by ya boy page got new music
Daniel Silvestri
{ 02-07-2008 06:38 }
5 from me! Another 48 hours is really good! Daniel
{ 02-07-2008 01:52 }
checked out your site,, your musics hot.555's all day. come check me out, messiah/mgb.
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 02-06-2008 23:11 }
just comin through to show R E S P E C T, your musik holds no boundaries, got my full out S U P P O R T, 5, h i tbak
DJ Stereo (Music Producer/DJ)
{ 02-06-2008 20:32 }
Nice tracks,keep doing your thing.Fuck the haters,tell them DJ Stereo said it.I NEVER hate,but watch out!There are MANY haters on this site..ASK ANY HARD HITTERS HERE AND THEY WILL TELL YOU THE SAME.
{ 02-06-2008 19:02 }
MAD Fire on them tracks man got yo get you on the vote man 555 take care man