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Mean Ruby Jean N/A
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Born In canada, in the early sixties ,raised in and around the windsor /detroit border, he was subjected to the best radio anywhere, His father was a proffesional pianist and his mother was a runner up in the miss canada pageant ,At the age of 13 he became a emancipated minor and went to work in the bushlands of northern ontario, For months on end his guitar was his only company and he is praised for his ability to make the strings speak as if they were their own entity, . Having no formal education ,he read all the books he could, and his love of old english poetry and verse seemed to find it,s way into his music, ; His political beliefs have seen him stand for the little man and those who could not help themselves , to the extent that he was imprisned for a few years in his early 20,s.His fight for the common man and many minor sects to this day keep him busy , Having been an addict for many years in 2006 he changed his life around and as well as still being a writer of music , he now teaches drug prevention and counsels those who wish wish to find a better life,.. He is currently working on a new cd, his past works have been praised by many in the top record companies , .In 1999, he was offered a contract by a major music label and the only stipulation to signing was he had to soften his politics , of coarse he refused , .we hope you enjoy his writings as much as we have over the years.The council SPECIAL THANKS TO MY FRIEND AND MUSIC PARTNER DR MARC TROZZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE VIDEO TWO THOUSAND YEARS, IS ABOUT HOW WE SUPRESS THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES TO SUSTAIN OUR FAT THROUGH STRONGHOLDS AND CHOKEPOINTS , I HUMBLY ASK THAT YOU PASS IT ON TO A FRIEND, AND REMEMBER PEACE ALL OVER THE WORLD IS ATTAINABLE , WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY SO LET YOUR WISHES BE HEARD/CHAZZ/THE COUNCIL/THANK YOU/PEACE It is the collaboration of people helping people with the desire and compassion to strive for peace on this earth ,and with that said , I would like to thank peter [the madman] mankin, for his work on the 2000yrs video/AKA air echo productions. thank you madman, you are a blessing for mankind..... Please note that all music is registered with SOCAN of canada and that you may direct all businessinquiries through them or myself directly/thanks chazz[u] 2008 soha award recipient, . NEW CD SOON!!!!!!! REMEMBER MY FRIENDS+ WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!


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