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St. Lucia

Raphael La Montagne was born in the town of Soufriere in the island of St. Lucia. His first public appearance was back in 1992, when he did a song call \"Crisis In the Gulf\" at the time of the first gulf war. Soon after he adopted the name KINTU as his stage name. Since then things have not been the same for this young man.He became known in his community as the King of the dance andwas the only one who would asked the DJ\'s of the time for a riddim to ride in the dancehall. As soon as he left school he bacame a member of the musical band IMPULSE in 1992. He continued with this band and performed at many hotels, dancehalls, concerts and beach bashes. He also frequented a nearby reggae bandroom of WEVOLUSION. He also performed with this band at certain concerts. In 1994, Kintu became a member of the Royal St.Lucia Police Force. He never gave up on music and kept writing and entertaining his collegues at the Police Training School. Having graduated from the school in March of 1995, a full fledge member of the force, he continued in his love for the arts. While patrolling the streets of Castries, he was approached by the leader of a band called REGGAE TEAM. There was the oppertunity he was waiting for and he was the first and only police officer to perform at the IYANOLA REGGAE EXPLOSION, in 1995. He then became known in rastafarian community as the Ras Police. Never mind, he continued his quest as the first and only policeman to share the reggae stage. Soon after he met with Meshak who was the band leader of WEVOLUSION. He began hanging out with this group now and gradually, Meshak helped him from being a hardcore reggae chatter into a singjay. He began to do conscious reggae and kept rising. By 1999, the Conscious Zion Train came into force- a production of Black Heart Productions and Oasis Promotions. Kintu was the only police man and non dreadlocks. By that time he was already hailing haile Sellassie as his god and king.Throughout the length and breath of St. Lucia, he was becoming a household name.Within that same year, he performed with Sugar Minott and Beres Hammond. In 2000, he was sharing the stage with Sweetie Irie and Chukki Starr, two of England\'s top reggae artistes. He continued to make a dubplate for Stone Love Sounds. The following year he was on the stage with legendary Freddy Mc Greggor and Paul Murrey \"Limie.\" He also commenced the recording of a CD with Kronic Heights Recording Studio, but never materialised due to circumstances. In 2002, he repented from his lifestyle and accepted Yeshua the Messiah as his personal Lord and Saviour and has been singing to the glory and honour of the King.He has released a 3 track CD and was featured on the compilation CDs MILITANT FOR CHRIST and GOSPELYPSO 2005. He has shared the gospel stage with Que, Kerron Ennis, Rayon Baugh as well as a number of local gospel artistes including, Shem Meluce, Emrand Henry, Linda Berthier as well as the Royal St.Lucia Police Band. He released a fourteen track gospel reggae CD called FOOTSTEPS in 2010. He has been featured on a Caribbean gospel album called \"FIRSTFRUITS\" in November and \"NIGHTLIFE\" in late 2010. He also shared the stage with his mentor Stitchie in July 2010. He is presently working on a follow up cd. You can also meet with Kintu @ http://www.myspace.com/kintumusic Telephone:1-758-286-5613 or 1-758-722-1744 Email:[email protected]


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