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Novi Sad

My fault was started in April 2006 and had four members: Cheerah, playing bass guitar; Ivana, rhythm guitar and vocals; Zoran, lead guitar and vocals and Igor on drums. Band was started as an outcome of breaking two bands – Touch Down and The Crackers. Zoran, Touch Down’s lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player had a chat with Cheerah and Ivana, who played with The Crackers at the time about forming a band which is not as aggressive as TD and TC. Zoran knew a drummer who didn’t have a band and asked him if he was interested in playing in a “Na na na Punk” band. Igor, a hard core metalhead, agreed to play and the practice soon started. With Igor being a metalhead, the rest of the crew knew that he won’t last long as a drummer in a melodic punk band. He quit after second practice. So now we didn’t have a drummer nor the band name… Second drummer lasted a little longer considering a fact that he listened only to hard core. Finally we were hooked up with a drummer of IQ 0 Adrian, who happened to love melodic music and he played like no one we’ve ever seen. We took the ride and he was our new drummer. Now the lineup looks like this: Zoran – vocals, lead guitar Ivana – vocals, rhythm guitar Cheerah – bass guitar, Adrian – drums The name came from the feeling Zoran nad when the Touch Down fell apart – He felt like everything that happened in the band, good or bad was his fault since he was the only one who kept the band together. Ivana and Cheerah found themselves in those same shoes with The Crackers and they cracked to – The Crackers fell apart. Adrian simply liked the name and there it was – MY FAULT - the name… in winter of 2007 My Fault has recorded their first demo/promo entitled "Is It?". feel free to check us out on www.myspace.com/myfaultser


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