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The band Taking Over Mars was started in 2004 when Aljosa Jagodic ( 19)(lead vocals/rhytm guitar) and Nejc Hrast(22)(back vocals /solo guitar ) decieded to start a punk/rock band, because they were tired of listening to all the boring bands playing on local stages. They wanted to play in a band that was known for good music, good shows and notorious acts on stage and thats what Taking Over Mars is today. After a few months they met Mitja Poklukar(20)(drums) that was playing in some local band called Complex. They became best friends and started to play some punk/rock cover songs from Green Day, NOFX, Millencolin, No Use For A Name etc… But they were still one man short. So in the search of the fourth member on bass they continued to play on small stages with some help from other friends that played in other bands. Finally after a long search they found the fourth and final member on bass, his name is Jure Ogrin(20)(back vocals/bass). The guys were working part time jobs, while still being in high school, but they earned enough money to go to the studios and record a demo cd with 12 songs on it. They are currently playing shows in Slovenia and are planing to tour across Europe. Their songs and lifestyle represent their point of view on life itself and their goals or better yet their dreams, are to record a real album and maybe someday if they are lucky, play on the Warped tour, with all of their other role models they look up to. EMAIL: [email protected] WEBSITES: ALL OF OUR STUFF IS COPYRIGHTED SO DON'T BE A SMARTASS :)


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