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Super billionaire coined by Daniel Franks in an attempt to describe the physical wealth of Bill Gates, higlighting the fact that Mr Gates lends his first name to the word being born a billionaire. Frank was to go on and do an acoustic freestyle jam for SOLAR 1287am on the "what's new?" show and there and then had to make lyrics to the buzzword super billionaire. In attempt to create this vibe the word has been included in the showcase, soon to be followed by another spontaneous acoustic jam - singing and freestyle rhyming and the resulting three minutes set would be loaded for your listening pleasure. Due to technical difficulties with the video sounds we have temporarily withdrawn the video to Nicci's song.Thanks to the song writer for allowing us to showcase the song. The lyrics, to the song are as follows: And Nicci if you're listening, I still love you I'm thinking of you as I write this song I don't know why you left and I still miss you And I wish things had gone right instead of wrong I'd rather have you back than be a billionaire. This summer being about songwriting here is one that culimnate the whole experience... TRULY JULY HAVE YOU EVER HAD ONE OF THOSE MORNINGS, WHEN YOU WAKE UP AND SHE HOPES IT NOT A FLY BY NIGHT. LITTLE DID YOU KNOW YOU BE SINGING THIS SONG. SHE IS A GOOD ONE ME MRS,SHE IS A GOODIN. NO ONE IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THEN YOU YOU JUST LET THE OTHERS GO BY AS IF THEY WERE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, YOURS TRULY JULY YOUR BEAUTY, NEVER GOES AMISS. AND IF I MEET SOMEBODY ALONG THE WAY, I NEVER STOP FOR THEM, JUST YOU JULY, JUST YOU, YOU QUITE A CATCH. SO I GO WITH THE MOTION AND SUCK AND SEE WHAT JIM AND JULY, CAN DO WE. YOU GET ME WELL, YOU GET ME. AND THOUGH OTHER GUYS MAY PUT YOU DOWN YOU ALWAYS WEAR THE CROWN... SALVE REGINA , THATS WHAT YOU MEANT TO DO BABES, THATS WHAT YOU MEANT TO DO I LOVE YOU. AND SHE SAID, "OH MY GOD GIVE IT TO ME." SO I CROSSED OVER THE ROAD AND STOOD AT THE FEET OF THE PYRAMID YA MON... CHOOCHING MAMA. BLOODY MARY, SHE IS TERRIFFIC IN BED. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSIR11!!!


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