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Call my name cause im going away [1:11] 1:11
You are so beautiful (freestyles) [4:45] 4:45
Fools World (Freestyles) [4:24] 4:24
The Tom G aka= Tommy G Rap (freestyle) [1:09] 1:09
Its My Destiny (Freestyle) [1:20] 1:20


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THE Tom G Hi my name is Tom i have pure Love to everybody and everything i like space,music,ufos,freedom,martial arts, acting, dance, helping, solutionist, many talents, animals, fast learner and just about everything that is in good nature and more from life. I like to sing about love,peace,fun things and more. I want peace in life no war no hate i love all people on this world. I am creating in a studio now soon will be back with my real arts, these are just freestyles. I create lyrics for songs and am a songwriter, singer, actor, martial artist and freestyle sing instantly when i listen to music and am learning to create music with software but i like to sing more and I can do many styles of singing make you feel happy, sad, powerful, party, and so on, I also like to party and have good time :) My new songs are here soon, i write & make, sing love songs, pink floyd , deep purple, r&b, rap style and more music with passion for love, peace & freedom! At the moment im in production for my album, music video, my martial arts demonstrations for film industry and much more! [link=""][/Google]Account I have found myself with pure love I hope and wish for you all the best and happiness in your life. THE Tom G


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