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Louisville, KY

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We're Too Hott 2008 [2:41] 2:41
Da Dopfeins 2008 [2:08] 2:08
Gangster,Hustla,Pimp 2008 [3:02] 3:02
Sumthing u should know about me.2008 [2:07] 2:07
Money Talks 2008 [1:15] 1:15


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Louisville, KY

Born in Louisville,Kentucky ( Da Vill) raised in Miami,Flordia I'm a person that's seen & done it all.I got my name from what I do and thats Hustle, whether it's legal or illegal I gots to do it. (I've done been broke then got rich, ratted on by a snich, locked up went broke then got out got back rich, the moral is that you may fall but get back up & brush it off don't let NOTHING keep you down bounce back better than before.) Ah verse that just came to mind anyways I start hustle the summer of 92 back in Da Ville where I got addicted to the fast cash. 15 years later I'm still here shining, don't get me wrong I've done had some dull moments but I always and I mean always find some hustle to polish myself. I always knew how to flow since I first heard L.L Cool J's Radio so I'm not a new comer. I've been producing beats since 02 but I'm a fast learner so I'm pretty nice on producing also.At times I may be down in Miami either South Dade in Perrine or in North Dade in Miami Gardens known as Carol City. I'm just a all around Hustler my music is the truth so check it out and get at me. AH TRAP STAR LIVIN LIKE AH ROCK STAR. 36oz's 4sho!!!!!!!!!!!!!BLACKSHAWN JOHN/FACEBOOK


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