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a)..The Moonshiners Daoughter by John and Bill or Bill and John HE HE [2:59] 2:59
I Shot The Dam Duck [1:15] 1:15
Heard Metle Country Rap N/A
Growing Old together.John Bill And Rob I wrote this song specialy for... [2:50] 2:50
z)The Old Ruged Cross Instrumental By John N/A
d)Wiled West N/A
z4(Bill Sterling's Hidden Secret N/A
z3(A Special message for Old codgers N/A
Good By Darlin By John Bacup by John and Marvin N/A
s)Cigeret Smoking Macheen By John And Marvin N/A
u)... My dad Gorman Davis wrote this about his brother Ray, My dad and... N/A
y)..Banjo picking Man from Placerville written By my dad Gorman Davis... N/A
x)...Ring Ding Created by John [0:36] 0:36
w(...Traveling Down through the agues (Original) N/A
c)...contribution to my Granddaughters wedding N/A
v)side by side we stand sang by my 3 sisters.back ground by Davis trio N/A
t)...Original by Davis trio..Tapeworm blues N/A
f)...The hem of his garment, My Daddy wrote this song.Recorded on Old... N/A
i)...The Cow Man And The Farmer Should Be Friends N/A
h)original.Finishing Grandmas Song N/A
q)...Lonesome Fugative N/A
k)..There Goes My Reason For Living N/A
j)...Family Bible N/A
r)...Thers a New Moon N/A
g)...Sing Me Back Home. N/A
l)original..Time Goes By N/A
n)...Gathering Flowers [2:09] 2:09
p)Original-Temptors Cold Prison N/A
a)Original.. The ending of my world N/A
o)...Today I Started Loving You Again N/A
d).original.Motor-cycle Fiend recorded by Davis trio N/A
m)...Some Broken Hearts Never End N/A
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