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Saint Petersburg, FL

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Saint Petersburg, FL

Ramble all started when Drew Giordano picked up a guitar to match his lyrics and poetry he had been writing. He then got his twin brother Dane to join him on bass. For drums they enlisted their best friend, Joe Young. Within five days they were already playing shows. A punk band with influences of rude ska, dirty reggae, psychedelics, and blues are all genre's incorporated in this band's unique sound and style of rambling. Within two months of practice Ramble was already playing shows with signed bands and had a demo which has been given out to hundreds of people already. We've had our music played on over 100 radio stations from all over the globe, from Canada to Jamaica to Poland and even Austraila. They had their music played on XM satelite's radio Fungus 53 and many more. They only continue to grow more as friends and musicians with soulful and energetic music you can't resist. New recordings and more shows are are on the way too. The best place to see them is in action, live at a show. Peace, Love, and a little Anarchy! -Ramble


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