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[b]PAUL MUNDY[/b] is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter from the South of England. His first introduction to so-called "proper music" came in the Spring of 2000, when Blink-182's [i]All The Small Things[/i] inspired him to pick up a guitar for the very first time. Since then, Paul has written a host of short, sharp Punk Rock songs, combining the raw sound and political awareness of early pioneers such as The Clash and The Jam with the infectious melodies of modern practicioners like Alkaline Trio, Less Than Jake and the aforementioned Blink-182. With songs such as [i]Tony Blair Don't Want Me Having Sex Tonight[/i] (A rant against tuition fees), [i]It's Okay[/i] (questioning the motives of modern-day religious organisations) and the Chav-bashing [i]What Are You Staring At[/i] gaining plaudits all over the world - most notably from UK music channel MTV2 - the signs of an encouraging future are certainly there for this young man from the sticks of the UK. [b]Some quotes:[/b] "Good potential" [b]MTV2[/b] "Like a cross-breed of Blink-182 and Bloc Party... British made in big block capitals are printed all over these songs". [b]HARRY HORSE!!!!![/b] "The music of the Pistols with the lyrics of the Jam". [b]Haz_6,[/b] "The new song... is freakin awesome! XD". [b]I_AM_CANADIAN![/b]


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