Michael Kitchens | SYM
Sacramento, CA

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Dreaming [4:37] 4:37
A Mother's Loss (27 Down) [3:20] 3:20
Suspenture [2:51] 2:51
Winds of Plains [5:38] 5:38
Northern Melody [4:30] 4:30


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Sacramento, CA

Mike Kitchens is a versatile film composer who prides himself on his ability to write music for practically any genre. He is a classical trained musician who initially specialized in Trumpet, but has since broadened his many abilities to include proficiency in both Piano and Guitar. His credits include the short film, “Last Day on Earth”, which several critics have cited as being one of the best elements of that production. In April of 2006, he debuted his piece “Anthem” with the Sierra Nevada Winds in Rocklin, CA. Mr. Kitchens has also written several pieces of music for local performing arts programs, as well as dance troops. He holds a degree in Recording Engineering from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, and will soon be completing a Masters of Music Composition at the California State University in Sacramento, where he also holds his Bachelor’s degree in the same subject. His current projects include teaching elementary band during the school year, where he uses his composition skills to write and arrange pieces for his beginning to intermediate students. Mike Kitchens is also the house composer at the Sacramento-based recording studio Sacramento Sonic Works, where he also does session trumpet playing and horn arrangements for other local musicians. He has performed in a wide variety of bands and musical groups including Swing/Jazz, Orchestra, Hip Hop, Rock, Easy Listening, Celtic, and so on. He is currently interested in making contacts within the industry, as well as expanding his film credits.


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