terry bowles | SYM
lakewood, NJ

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off the top freestyle- shotti [1:45] 1:45
viscious animals-hollow,k phaze,asnapp,shotti [4:01] 4:01
im ready 4 war- shottie, kpaze [4:01] 4:01
u dont want war- shotti,k phaze [4:10] 4:10
enemies- hollow,shotti,kpaze [4:35] 4:35


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lakewood, NJ

yea im from jersey long branch in the building stand up my nigga hollow from brooklyn newyork flat bush stand up we some certified motha fuckin guac boys on a mothafuckin unlimited paper chase double A records also known as above average yea i started my own label and shit wat more can i say i luv making music good music some thing that niggaz dont know about im representing the 732 all day u already shout outs 2 my nigga b.a. he locked down hold ya head up homie i got u shot outs 2 my brother e-ru doing a 10 wit an 80 i c u my nigga i luv u shottigun u already check out my show case yall i got a feeling yall going like it i put hard work in 2 it throw me some good ratings i need them fives yall thinks 4 yall support if yall supporting and if u hating eat an aids dick and die slow im putting up numbers like an caller id and money is all i c 2 i rip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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