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Germantown, MD

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How I Lost Love [2:49] 2:49
I got my joy back [1:57] 1:57
Holy Spirit [4:59] 4:59
hold me tight [2:54] 2:54
A Mother in a Million [2:20] 2:20


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Germantown, MD

[color="violet"][/color]Hello my name is Esther Glory. I am a songwriter and a writer generally. I write lyrics and create my own melodies to them. I am good at arranging and mixing somewhat. The songs on my page where put together completely by me ...I wrote them ..sang them and recorded them myself. I am also a screenplay writer. I have written about three screenplays already and I'm working on the fourth one but I need to sell them. I am also a poet. I published my own poetry book on Amazon, called Book of Life by Idiyatu Akande. I thank God for everything he has blessed me with. I thank my mother and brothers for always being there. God bless.Idiyatu ;)[color="red"][/color]


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