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The Living Prayer [3:31] 3:31
Because You Love Me [3:54] 3:54
All Things Are Possible & Keep Me In your Will (LIVE!) N/A


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Nashville, TN

Can you guess who made the special cameo appearance in "All Things Are Possible"? He is towards the end of the song! (All Things Are Possible)The other background vocalists are singers who are related to the original "Platter's". I have had the Opportunity of working with and rubbing elbows with some pretty amazing people in the music industry. I love giving a message through music. I have traveled to many different parts of the country and I give all thanks to God for that. I am also in the country music genre' but I feel there is much more meaning to giving testimony in music. I hope you enjoy my music. The second 2 songs are back to back because they were live and have been edited a bit. Hope you enjoy!


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