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[color=\"violet\"]Hi, Welcome & Thank You for Checking out my showcase. I have come across many talented people on this site and i enjoy all of your music! I hope that those of you who visit mine enjoy my music also. So Let me Introduce Myself! There Never Will be Another................ [color=\"red\"][b][u]MY BACKGROUND[/u][/b][/color] [color=\"blue\"]i have only been singing since i was about 12, but i have built a deep and committed passion to music. singing is my escape and my way of displaying emotions. if i cant speak it i sing it. [color=\"blue\"]My inspiration comes from singers like: Christina Aguilera, Etta James, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, The Andrews Sisters, Leona Lewis, Whitney Houston, Ellie Goulding, Jessie J. I know some of you may think it\'s strange that a girl of 21 listens to music that is like 50/60 years before her time but without that era where would i be? i\'d never know what music is and neither would anyone ekse. Its people like them that laid the way for people like us. they made music.[/color] [color=\"indigo\"]Christina is a big influence in the way i sing. she is so versitile and eclectic. her songs inspire me to create my own style and my own person. the meanings of her songs are ones i can relate to. whether its issues with sexuality, bullying, domestic issues, feminintiy, being comfortable in your skin, and being youreself, she\'s got it in an album.[/color] [color=\"indigo\"][b][b][b][u]MY THANKS [/u][/b][/b][/b][/color] [color=\"darkred\"]My biggest fans mean the world to me. My dad is the support of a lifetime, always driving me to auditions and helping me find auditions and shows. no matter what time of day or what situation he is there providing undying support and love. i have grown up to be the person and singer that i am through everything you have taught me and through finally listening to everything you\'ve said. I learnt alot of lessons but i learnt them from the best with the best support anyone could give. You truly are the best dad a girl could ask for and there will never be enough shows or enough achievements in my life to make up for everything you have done. All i can hope to do is make you truly proud. just as proud as i am to be your daughter. Love my Dad! xxxxxx My step mum, Alison and My mum, Mandy Who are both always there with tissues and hugs as well as laughs and smiles for whatever happens and whatever the outcome of everything! every process is a long one but i have all the people in the world who are there to make a difference and impact on everything i do and will continue to do and you are both those people. you\'ve both made an impact in my life by showing me just how strong and independant women can be and i have a lot to thank you both for. I love you both just the same and i am so lucky to get to have...well...2 mums! My mummy, you bought me up for 16 years with every thing you could. and i turned out to be a strong and independent, I will cherish every memory we have made and i am so proud to have you in my life. Alison, You have been there non stop with everything! tears tantrums!......god knows what! and what a woman you truly are!! i take so much from you as a person and with every lesson i learn more. thank you xx Kevin Reeves!.......My best friend, my true love and greatest ever music teacher ;) haha! i have learnt so much musically and personally from you. I have come along way from being the Christina cover girl, to learning how to do things acoustically and also adding in my own little flare to whatever song we chose to challenge :) I love you for your undying support and undying love through whatever we have been through. you truly are one of lifes brightest stars :) [/color] My friends and those who i have not named, charge it to my head not my heart!! i owe u all so much and thank you for always being there xxxxx [color=\"blue\"]And also to those of you who said i cant make it. u people make me the greatest person i can be. i honestly love how much of a better person i am from all your sh*t. u know who u are! i\'m laughing at you, not crying over you, i\'m thanking you not hating you. in the long run you\'ll see. I\'m stronger and more successful than i ever was on my own. the fact is if you taliking about my life, just remember, [color=\"red\"]it\'s YOUR OWN TIME you\'re wasting NOT MINE[/color]..... Thanks [/color] [b][u][color=\"blue\"]MY FUTURE[/color][/u][/b] [color=\"green\"]Well who knows where life will take me!!! think big, dream big, live big!!!!! never give up, never back down and no matter who tells you that you can\'t remember if people are loving you and your music on this site, YOU ALREADY HAVE!!! all my respect goes to my fellow artists in this business! it\'s tough but we all learn to help eachother once in a while!!! so heres to the future!!! no going back!!! only looking forward!! xxx[/color] [color=\"red\"] thanks for stopping by! please comment. constructive criticism is much appreciated.[/color] [color=\"violet\"] Thank You All Natz xxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color][color=\"green\"][/color]


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