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Wavelab, Protools, Peak, Reason, Recycle, Ableton, Q-bas, Logic, Started DJ'ing and composing music in '96. At that time I also started organising parties at http://www.jhspiraal.be I've earned a monthly residency there because of my input and skillz. We specialised ourselves in electronic dance music (minimal, electro, house, techno, drum'n'bass,...)During the last ten years I was able to create a nice homestudio set-up... Two Mackie HR 824 speakers, Novation SL controller, two turntables, Traktor scratch, Ableton, Power PC with Emu 1820m soundcard, Rode K2 condensor microphone(variable pattern), Roland dynamic mic, Roland SP808 sampler, MS1 microsampler, Roland MC 303, Focusrite compounder, Macbook pro. Now 2007, with a Basic media certificate, a electronic music production certificate and an audio-engineer diploma it's time for me to experiment and get some music outside. As a DJ I'm known as "Fun-q" Who I'd like to meet: Everybody who's into "musica el futuro" futuremusic with fat beats, raw synths, screaming guitars, funky basslines, pumping compressors, edgecutting filters, Robovoices/vocoders, lexicon reverbs and all other sorts of effects. If some of these things tell you something, hit me baby! If you play an instrument and ofcourse singer use their voice as an instrument, and if you have an experimental mind and or innovative view about music, you know what to do. hit me baby!


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