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baltimore, MD

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baltimore, MD

“When the storm clouds clear and the water recedes we can finally see the rubble. When the dead are buried and tears stop rolling we can find the source of the trouble, start the struggle to ‘The Reconstruction’." “The Reconstruction” is the first solo project from J. Pope, the innovative female vocalist that has stirred the waters of Baltimore's music scene with her soulful melodies and thought provoking lyrics. Her honest analysis of the urban landscape coupled with her Southern Baptist sound, gives her music the distinction of being one of the most unique sounds in the arena of R&B/Soul artists. J. Pope’s musical career began with her former band Phatback, an eclectic soul/funk band that preformed up and down the east coast releasing several albums and establishing a significant fan base. It was the demise of Phatback that birthed J. Pope, forced to embark on a solo career she began working on a new project under the direction of LB of Street Legal Entertainment. The result was, “The Reconstruction,” a creative blend of hip hop and soul that reflects on life, love and the joys and pains that come with both. Her sound encompasses her hip-hop, soul, and gospel roots, but with a taste a maturity that only comes with being seasoned by the things she’s seen and experienced in her short lifetime. The Reconstruction has been dubbed, “a breath of fresh air,” and is a welcome addition to the budding revolution of bringing true hip-hop and R&B to the people. The Reconstruction is set to be released in the fall of 2007. [color="blue"][/color]


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