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Out Laws Vision [4:17] 4:17
Open Your Mind [3:51] 3:51
Welcome To The North West [3:47] 3:47
Misfortune [4:48] 4:48
Moist Friction [4:48] 4:48


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YOU WILL NEVER HEAR NOTHING LIKE THIS EXCEPT IF IT COMES FROM ME JAGUAR JUNNIE!!! AND IF YOU DO THEY BIT ME ALL UP...LOL WHAT YOU HAVE IS THE REAL ARTIST THAT MAKES HIS OWN WAY NOT OFF OF SOMEONE ELSE\\\\\\\'S MUSIC THIS IS ALL STREAGHT FROM MY SOUL SO HERE YOU GO, ENJOY AND LET ME KNOW HOW YOU LIKE OR HOW YOU DISLIKE IT THANKS...LOL [color=\\\\\\\"black\\\\\\\"][/color]To All models and singers I got the worldwide connection are you ready??? Hello My name is \\\\\\\"Jaguar Junnie\\\\\\\"!!! I am a self proclaimed Supper producer and I really would like to let you in on some facts about music… this is a world of it’s own a world where you can create your alter ego to who you are on your normal day to day real…. Its wonderful to let the public in on what your making and what makes you feel good, and at the same time you are taking a chance to find out some thing about your self also. I have been doing this music for some years and I have been doing the photography and graphics design for some years so its not my work its my love first love “GOD”, second love music, third love graphics design …I have been making this music and riding in my car listening to my music all this time till people started hearing it, they said you need to let the world hear what you are making because it’s good and it would make some positive changes in some peoples lives so hear I am, you like you give me a call and lets get it pushing around hear TALK TO YOU SOON …[indent][link=\\\\\\\"http://[email protected][indent][b][color=\\\\\\\"darkred\\\\\\\"][/color]


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