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World and Love [3:35] 3:35
Conscience [3:44] 3:44
Sacrifice [5:00] 5:00
Putri Cinta [3:51] 3:51


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Mail For Metalizer ~THE IRON~ "We send aforetime our messenger with clear sign and send down with them the book and the balance (of Righ and Wrong), That men may stand forth in Justice; and we send down Iron, in wich is (material for) mighty war, as well as many benefits for mendkind, that Allah may test who itis that will help, unseen, Him and His will messenger : for Allah is full of strenght, Exalted in might (and able to enforce His will)" (Al Quran - Al Hadid/The Iron : 25) Reff# [link="URL"][/link][b][/b][b] See Also: [link="URL"][/link][b][/b][b] [b]Name: Syamsul Hadi Fitri Nick Name :ADI Band :SYAMSUL HADI FITRI This Band was born in 2003 I was born in 1978 at Bengkalis Island Riua Province Indonesia. I play Music with Metal Band since 1996 wit Metal Comunty MY Position is :Lead Guitar and Backing Vocal BIOGRAFI Started from Tender age, Syam have owned love to Music, among its family there are some owning artistic soul head and have entered in him. so that Syam also inherit that love naturally First time I recognize guitar when Syam old age 5 year. First guitar which I have have that is: Mini Acoustic Guitar. have prize from his parent of Syam he allways try to play but syam just can by candling it Like rock gitsrist his seen in television Syam start serious learn a Guitar when his age 13 Year old, later;then its his to Classic Guitrar majors with conservatoire. First Learn Electric Guitar when Syam age 15 year old. syam learn Metal Method Through Electric Guitar Leasson book which he's earn from a music studio in his town. book which read ever that is: Speed &Trash Meatal Method , Heavy Metal Lick For Lead Guitar, Speed Mecanic For Lead Guitar Syam start to take a fancy to Metal Music when his age 14 year old, early from a Hard Rock&Heavy Metal Compilation album. at that time about 90's. First Band which he's Have form that is in 1996 with her friends in Senior High scool with So Hardrock&Heavy Metal stream called " Metal Greas", later;then in the year 1997 syam recruited by a Extreme Metal band so called "NERAKA", As Lead Guitar. Afterwards, syam recruited By other Extreme Metal Band with is same stream that is " Virtual Vengeance".in year 2004 Syam set mind on to make guitar solo band and Syam have made is Mini of Guitar Solo Instrument album. later;then syam again make this song is he give inside lyric. one song entitling PRINCESS OF LOVE exist in this SYM, In fact there are some of song owning but only one a success song is he produce this Syam again buld new band which is Extreme Metal So Called " Executor " an hi still searcing for More Metalizer to ply to gateher wit this Extreme Metal Band. Support For All Musition,All Metalizer and Guitar Heroes. Have A Nice Day and Good Lucky and Stay On Metal. [link="URL"] [/link][b][/b][b][/b][b] See my Other Page also: Indie Radio Online live sound Email cantac: [link="URL"][email protected][/link][b][/b][b][/b][b][b][/b][b][/b]


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